"Build Back Better" equals Make China Great not America

“Build Back Better” Make China Great. Come on Man, they ain’t bad Folks. The presidentcy does not pay that much money. We need to destroy China’s environment to afford the new green deal. China won’t have to worry about making good until 2035 on it’s environment standard. Let’s make America pay for it. To the rest of the world America has a blank check waiting.

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How many save a few pennies at WalMart at the cost of the world’s environment? Bring the manufacturing back, adhere to our pollution regulations and then pay the true price of the product. In the long run, that’s much less expensive to us all.


Wow, we finally agree on something (Walmart). :+1:

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We need to watch this closely and monitor progress.

I think it will just be a smoke screen for business as usual before Trump.

If Biden really changes and emphasizes and builds US production capacity…I will be delighted and give him credit.

Wait, what? We agree something.

Who are you and how did you hack Smyrna’s account?

Regulations are good?

Applying the cost of negative externalities to the industry that generates them is good?

I guess I really can be surprised here sometimes.

As if smaller stores aren’t filled with the same Chinese crap. Which mom and pop carries American made televisions?

There is NOTHING from Amazon allowed in my house either. This institution is hurting our economy badly and so many are totally oblivious to this truth.

Biden will do a better job of tearing down. Tear Down Better.

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Misplaced blame in my view. Blame the consumer, who obviously prefers cheap to good and doesn’t care where it’s made?

It’s not just where it’s made but also that it’s all going to one guy and not spreading the financial love across the country.

I don’t feel the need to enrich any particular merchant. I want the best product and service for my money. If that is provided by an American, he gets my business. I do my best to steer clear of anything made in countries where the people are not free though.

As a business owner, I believe what goes around, comes around. If all the money is sent to one individual, like Jeff Bezos, it will never come back around and what you’ll have then are…empty shopping malls and businesses that have gone under. In the long run, this is extremely detrimental to all of us.

How is Amazon hurting our economy? There are 1000’s of small businesses, that make products here, that are thriving on their platform.

Now, if you think Amazon, and other big corps should be paying more in taxes, and paying their employees better, I would agree.


Then offer me a better deal, doesn’t have to be the lowest price, service and relationships also matter. Many small local businesses have earned by business on that basis, many haven’t. Take the last grill I bought, it was cheaper on Amazon, but they didn’t offer to put it together and deliver it to my home, my local hardware store did.

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Who is one of the richest people in the world? That should answer your question. His wealth, comes at the expense of 10s of thousands of businesses across the country.

I think you would find that while what he made or makes is a very big number, it is not that large a percentage of each individual sale. Like the people that complain of large CEO salaries hurting workers who don’t realize if you took all his salary and gave it to the workers they’d get a couple more dollars a week.

Spreading the financial love to many…is much better for us all…than making one man the richest person in the world.

That is the result loosely regulated capitalism. The only way to fix it, is to change the tax and labor laws. Sometimes it takes big government, to deal with big corps.

Economic royalty is back. Thanks to 40 years of Reaganomics.

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Fun Fact:

In 2019, the ratio of CEO -to-typical-worker compensation was 320-to-1 under the realized measure of CEO pay ; that is up from 293-to-1 in 2018 and a big increase from 21-to-1 in 1965 and 61-to-1 in 1989