BRENNAN GOES OFF: Vows to Criticize Trump 'Until Integrity Returns to the White House'


Where do you get this stuff from? Are you the pizzagate woman from the prior forum?


LOL Who wants to know?


I would be bitter with booming economy, NK may be denuking itself and there beloved corrupt state is being exposed…and meanwhile their dream of impeachment is diminishing day by day.

And their wave of new authoritarians they were expecting in Nov is fading faster then daylight in Alaska on Dec 21.


If so, it’s understandable that you would want a new identity.


Oh…the unemployment especially … we should expect some self immolations in San Francisco…


I’m adopting the vocal stylings of the typical Trumper.



Can you raise yourself up to there level?


It’s easy to imitate a toddler, Corny Cootie Conan.


Lacking IQ and creativity for that Lucy. :wink:


Brennan is feeling the walls of justice closing in…namely…the IG report that’s due out soon.


IG isn’t going to touch him…the last thing they want to cross bureaucracy infighting.

It cannot be allowed.


You were bitter with the booming economy under Obama which is so similar to the current one, so yeah, that’s something you can swing without a second thought, or a first one for that matter.


I’m too busy helping my niece with her calculus homework to be totally attentive to you right now.

Go make me a sandwich.


Less then 1.6 percent growth in Obama last year…only a nib would call that booming.


Since when is under 3.0% “booming”? Cite a credible source if you can.


I only make the best sandwich…with lots of meat and cheese smashed between two slices of bread.

I call it manwich.


I’m using Conan’s own word to describe Trump’s 2.3. I was being sarcastic about both president’s economies.


Dream on…


So it is you!!! Welcome. We look forward to future conspiracies.



09- -2.8
10- 2.5
11- 1.6
12- 2.2
13- 1.7
14- 2.6
15- 2.9
16- 1.5

Yah, that’s really “booming”, hell, it’s smoking!