BRENNAN GOES OFF: Vows to Criticize Trump 'Until Integrity Returns to the White House'


I thought criminal referrals had already been made by the DOJ office of Inspector General and that Brennan had been advised to get a good lawyer.


Tell Conan.


Is that your conspiracy theory?


The way things have been going I don’t think I’d be betting against Sarah Carter’s Reporting right now.


Joe diGenova is well connected.


They both are. Add Jonathan Turley to that mix.


I feel like a bad person. I should not be happy that Clapper and others will be going to prison. But I am. I feel like I am a bad person.


Not much chance of that but we can hope.

There’s no such thing as “equal justice” anymore, if there ever was.

Today though it is the “political class” that reaps most of the favor.


What no spies into the IRS to find out who led the oppression of republicans? Obama’s IRS meddled in the 2012 election too…


:rofl: Sassy!


Wow. Reading your link, that diGenova is quite the nutball. He’s dutifully regurgitating all the false talking points and hitting all the lies that make the trumpsters salivate and scream at the tv? You’ve got someone this time! For realz.


Post a copy of his resume’ next to yours and we’ll weigh the qualifications of both to comment.


Oh man, now I’m going to need resume software if I’m going to have an opinion.


Another fun thread where Trumpsters share their tin foil theories about someone (Brennan in this case).


As the resident “expert in everything,” let’s see yours.


Lol no resume needed to cater to the suckers born every minute, which he clearly knows how to do very well.


In this thread, you need a resume to have an opinion. In another thread, you cannot mock Trump and then complain about Trump’s divisiveness—all because, I dunno, it feels good to invent new rules?


We shall see.


Brennan is not a candidate.

The very core of this country’s freedom is built on fair elections. Brennan was circumventing that.


Brennan deserves to feel the breath of justice breathing down his spine.

The man should die in prison if he did what I think he done.