Breaking: US Citizen Detained And Tortured In Saudi Arabia

Why are we barely finding out about this? Especially since this US citizen has been detained by SA since last November.

A friend of the physician told the Times that Fitaihi had suffered an approximately hourlong torture session during which he was hit, blindfolded, stripped, bound and shocked with electricity.

I’m sure Saudi leaders know nothing about it and they’ll feel really badly about it once they do find out…and will let President Trump know how badly they feel about it.


No trial either, they went straight to the torture and Javanka just visited these murderers.

Meh…nothing will be done about this sadly…He is arab so people wont care

a doctor with citizenship in both Saudi Arabia and the U.S., has been held since November 2017

Maybe because he is also a Citizen of Saudi Arabia and is under their jurisdiction as well.

Sad but true. Fat donald will take MBS at their word, just like he did with Putin and Kim Jong Un.


We should invade Saudi Arabia.

So, to you, it doesn’t matter that he’s a US Citizen?

In this case, the guy is an idiot. I don’t feel sorry for idiots. Being and idiot should be painful (not agreeing with tourture but . . . well being an idiot should hurt).

Why was he – as a dual citizen back in that country?

Why as a dual citizen was there apparently evidence to arrest him (and they CAN do that if he is a Saudi Citizen)?

He should have given up his other citizenship and become ONLY a U.S. Citizen.

Interesting, I assumed SA does not allow dual citizenship of another country.

So does Saudi consider him a citizen of their country, or the United States then? If they don’t recognize dual citizenship, and he never renounced then he’s screwed.

So unless he renouced his citizenship to SA . . . they don’t consider him a US Citizen.

That is IF he was a SA Citizen first. So basically he is screwed and is under their laws.

Why someone like that would go back there is beyond me. As I said, stupid should hurt.

Is that how you felt about Otto Warmbeir?

Was he a dual nation citizen?

What difference does it make? They’re both Americans.

Makes a huge difference.

But I also firmly beleive that if you go to another country and get accused of a crime – you are in THEIR country and you ARE subject to their judicial system no matter how backwards it is.

Just like Otto Warmbier then.

What difference?

It would be nice to see Trumpists spend less time blaming the victims and more time wondering why our President and his family feel a desperate need to hang out with and praise dictators who brutalize people.


Im gonna have to agree with snow here…