Breaking: U.S. Rep Duncan Hunter to Change Not Guilty Plea in Corruption Case

According to reports, Hunter will be pleading guilty to campaign finance violations.

Mind blowing to think that voters re-elected this clown in 2018 knowing that he had these indictments.

Should he resign ASAP?

He should but I doubt he will…gop dont play that way

I’d lay odds that if elections were held today, they’d vote for him again.


It pisses me off that Dems quit over far less ■■■■ than this. Freaking cowards.

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Sadly, I agree.

I don’t buy he did it for the kids.

I do buy he did it because his wife got a plea deal and had agreed to testify against him. When your wife is going to get on the stand and give testimony that will put you in jail - it’s never good.


For those who haven’t been following along, Hunter used campaign funds to pay for extramarital affairs with 5 different women (three lobbyists and 2 congressional staffers) and used money he claimed was for wounded military veterans to buy himself golf stuff.
Basically, a younger and slimmer version of fat donald.

Agreed…we just had one quit because they has sex with a staffer

He will resign.

If they had coed federal prisons, I would put him across from Corrine Brown. :smile:

Hunter was toast anyway, about to be defeated by Darrell Issa in the primary next year.

You guys are forgetting Virginia were just last year two democrats were caught blackfacing it up, and another accused of rape by multiple women none of them quit their office, and the metoo backing lt.governor accused of serial rape has made it clear he will be running for governor.

Do you think being accused of rape is grounds for dismissal from public office?


Getting my popcorn.


Should Hunter immediately resign?

There was a time when I thought that one was innocent until “PROVEN” guilty. Then I saw what the dems did to Kavanaugh and his family. I also see how they are vilifying Trump and his family, constantly saying he is “Guilty”. Never “We think” Always “Guilty”. I guess the standards changed on that day.

Kav was when things changed? Not during any of the 7 Beghazi hearings?


Kavenaugh is in jail? His career ruined?

When was Trump impeached? I must of missed that part because I thought up until now it’s only been an inquiry

I predict this will never be properly answered

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I’m not sure Issa will win the primary. I think Carl DeMaio will be the nominee.
He’s just as bad a Duncan and Issa.

I feel like I am doomed to always be represented by the worst of the worst. C’mon SD we can do better than this

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I do remember the chant " We think Hillary committed crimes, she should be indicted and given a fair trial in which we will respect the verdict" Trump supporters had at rallies. A fine time indeed.