Breaking: Sondland Told House Panels Trump’s Ukraine Pressure Was Quid Pro Quo

I guess Sondland didn’t want to be charged with perjury.

“Gordon Sondland, the U.S. envoy to the EU, told House committees last week that President Trump’s Ukraine pressure was quid pro quo, his lawyer says”


I love it…I know! The deep state got to him! That’s it.

He finally pooped while tweeting?


There goes the ballgame.

Actually, it might be related to Syria.

Quid pro quo isn’t a crime.


How many days can this be : Breaking?

Dont like the fox news model?

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…but…but…but…RUSSIAN COLLUSION!!! :sunglasses:

Where’s Stormy Daniels when ya need her…amirite libs? :sunglasses:

You like to yell squirrel alot dont you


I repeat the nuts of squirrels.

How many members of his campaign and administration colluding with Russians in weird ways would you like? A dozen do you?