Break out the bribes, it’s election time again!

Well, Godfather Joe is doing it again, dangling young mush heads an offer few can refuse: 50 thousand dollars of school loan forgiveness! Isn’t that special? Just like the promise he dangled, and many accepted by the way, before the 2020 election, he is once again “considering” this sweet enticement to college kids. Mind you, he can’t legally do it and like last time, it will be shot down, not to be brought up again until say, spring 2024 when whoever is chosen to replace the senile Don is revealed. Yes, he’s “considering”it again, but what a weird coincidence huh? 6 months before elections when Libs in office are less popular than a pork chop in Jerusalem and Joe “the weasel” Biden resurrects loan forgiveness. Sure, pure coincidence.

Why only 50 K though Joe? Could it be because you don’t really want young people totally free of government obligation? What would you offer them next if you gave them complete freedom now? You don’t think they’d take your money and STILL not vote for you do you? Surely not, you’re so beloved for who you are and for the great things you’ve done for America and your base is ever so excited about your agenda and this election …

No, not a bribe at all.


It sounds like he won’t be doing $50K.

Interesting thing is Pelosi has said that he has to go through Congress and not EO

She wants the credit for implementing it.

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Well , if it does happen, I’d much rather it go through Congress. Not that it should happen at all.


He doesn’t have to do it. That’s the thing, he only has to say he wants or is going to do it. The people who vote for him aren’t going to pay any more attention to the details or possibility of it any more than Libs do on any promise their leaders make. It’s how they FEEL and what they say that matters…


He supports 10k, not 50k.

He’s been saying 50. 10 would be better though, that way bribes can continue for several more elections and as a bonus, every college student ( except for the private Christian colleges) can be assured of forgiveness for their future debts too. Add the number of college age votes to the illegal votes Joe will be looking to add, and Joe is securing Democrats in office until we all become wealthy from Joes plan! Joe could save a lot of time by just giving all taxpayers 50 k right now up front. Who wouldn’t vote for someone who did that?

Biden has been talking about student loan forgiveness since the campaign. His supporters are angry he hasn’t done anything yet.

No he hasn’t. Other leading Dems are though.

I don’t understand why Democrats are entertaining this. People entered into these loans of their own free will and supposedly understood the terms. The average college grad earns more than people without a degree, so student loan forgiveness is redistributing money from the poorest Americans to the richest.


Student loan debt is crippling and, in a lot of cases, impossible to pay back. The forgiveness part needs to be coupled with student loan reform.

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Were the people who accepted the loans (including me) tricked into agreeing to those terms?


Every student should know the consequences of taking on a loan. Those who don’t know it should not be college-worthy students.

And it’s just a lib narrative that they are impossible to pay back.


Well I sure hope he doesn’t do it, whatever the political implications may be.

What was their alternative?

I don’t necessarily disagree, but should college and higher education only be for those who can afford it?

No. That’s why there are plenty of scholarships/grants/financial aid packages.


Here’s how we solve this issue.



Nobody has paid a cent of their student debt since early 2020. After 2 years of nothing happening, they might as well just cancel it.

I haven’t lost any money since other people’s payments were paused for covid. What’s being redistributed from me?