Boycott The NRA......What Happened?

Amazon still does business with the NRA…and despite the threats and petitions, profits doubled.

Guess that threat of a boycott was exactly what I thought it was, a great big nothing.

The NRA is one of the most powerful political organizations in this country. Did you ever have any doubt they’d survive?

True. Nobody can damage the NRA like the NRA itself likely has

The NRA recently found itself facing allegations that the FBI was investigating whether Torshin illegally funneled money through the group to bolster Trump, according to a McClatchy report. The NRA has publicly denied any contact from the FBI and insisted it hasn’t accepted illegal donations.

How does that explain Amazon? Don’t you think it’s inconceivable that their profits could double under such a crippling boycott of their business?

Did the 5 million NRA members really make up for that crippling loss of business?

How exactly is the NRA hurting itself with an unsupported allegation made by someone else?

What do you base that on?

Bigger question…how does that have anything to do with Amazon’s profits doubling despite a ‘crippling boycott’ because they do business with the NRA?

When it comes to Americans there is no political force more powerful than consumerism. By which I mean, for all the social divisiveness the NRA can generate, it doesn’t compare to people’s desire to get the products they want.

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They can’t shop at Walmart, or Best Buy, or Newegg just to name a few alternate online e-tailers? Do they really need to watch shows like ‘Last Chance U’ or ‘All or Nothing: A Season With the Arizona Cardinals’?

Or was the whole threat of a boycott exactly what I thought it was: a great big nothing burger that had no teeth to it when push actually came to shove?

This is going to be a heck of a year to, for the first time, attend the NRA’s annual Meeting especially since it’s held here in Texas this year in a public venue where carry will not be banned by the venue’s owner.

Profit will always trump politics.

You don’t get it do you?

Your threat of a boycott is starting to sound hollow.

You have been busy attacking Amazon, and you haven’t even put a dent in their business. I suspect the same is also true for FedEx.

Why should Delta, and the rental car companies, and the banks listen to you when you don’t wield enough power to even be a flea on Amazon’s back?

Isn’t that the whole idea, if you don’t boycott the NRA, we will affect your business significantly until you do?

The truth is you can’t, and now it’s starting to show.

“I” don’t get it?
“My” threat of a boycott?
“I’ve” been busy attacking Amazon?

Re-read my posts in this thread. “You’ve” completely misunderstood my point.

I think those companies finally did the math. 5 million NRA members, tens of millions of 2nd Amendment Supporters, plus all of their friends and families vs a handful of “Hoggludites”.

I must be missing something, now it seems you are contradicting yourself.

There is nothing “likely” about this accusation.

That’s probably because Amazon doesn’t sell guns. You can buy a bb gun, but not a gun. Not even a .22.

No, you could not build a serviceable 1911 from parts.

I’m saying any boycott of Amazon for political purposes, be they right or left, is ultimately doomed to fail because Amazon is too large and too pervasive in our culture. Protesters aren’t going to want to go without for the amount of time it would take to even cause a ripple in the company’s profits.

Ergo, consumerism trumps politics.

I don’t necessarily disagree, but I don’t see how that squares with this:

With which I do disagree.

Amazon is simply too big to be affected by any boycott. However, a state’s social climate and policies will likely affect where they build HQ2. I think the backward states are likely out of the running - especially hurting Atlanta’s bid. Georgia’s decision to take away Delta’s tax breaks after taking away NRA discount will likely be an important factor - along with LBGTQ rights issues.