Both team kneel at MLB opening game

Too many Trump supporters have returned to the whiny gloom and doom that followed Obama’s re-election in 2012.

Of course it doesn’t help when their favorite president, Him whines incessantly about how mean and unfair everyone is to him.


Ah so you are making it up that he said he hates the flag and America.


Me either. They could each be kneeling for their own reasons.

no. he points it out

that rattles the left and media

so, they just accuse him of “whining” and hope that narrative takes hold

; )

Why? Why do you love it?

then they should do their kneeling on their own time

They are.

It’s your choice. Is anyone forcing you to go to your seat and watch? Holding your eyelids open?

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Let me give you my take on this “issue”, if I want politics I go to a political rally, a protest, or watch one of the talking heads on the idiot box. Now that professional sports has become a propaganda tool for politics, I’ll need to find something more productive to do. Which is gonna suck, cause now I have no excuses when my wife gives me her “chore” list.

But that’s why you’re choosing not to watch, though, right? To withhold your approval? Or, punish, for behavior you don’t like?

I guarantee you these idiots wouldn’t be doing it in a stadium full of fans.

Of course, if the Trump supporters who whine alongside their favorite president, Him want to assign blame for the state of their party then like Him they need only look into a mirror.

Ball sports in general are pretty boring. Gimme combat sports any day of the week.

Sounds more like the free market and at-will employment doing what they do best.

not if they do it after i purchased tix to watch then

Their time is whatever is allowed them by their bosses.

As we can see, it was NEVER about “disrespecting the Anthem.”


Actually the Orioles kneeling an entire game would be an improvement in performance


Nope, it’s always been the cause

At least somebody finally admitted it