Border Agent complains about the Media calling Agents Nazis etc

Sorry, not going to watch a long Tucker Carlson video to do your work for you.

Yes, against the DNC and their media outlets. The latter isn’t about news, its all Democrat agenda all the time. 90%+ anti-Trump, barely mentioning anything else.

MSNBC commentator calls Trump “pure evil”, Frame 53 seconds

I misspoke, of course free speech does allow offensive speech, but there are consequences that can be litigated. If law enforcement is targeted by deranged Democrats, a clear causal relationship to the DNC and its media outlets can be made in a civil case.

Womp Womp lol.

So a random guest (who is not a commentator) is now “the media”?


CNN pays them, the connection is clear.

Deranged Democrat Media is behind attacks on the police and border patrol, their 24/7 unhinged commentary has led to Democrats killing them (and Republicans) nationwide.

Citizens don’t dare post pro Trump stickers on cars for fear they will be assaulted by violent Democrats.

The agencies responsible for whipping these nutballs into a frenzy are responsible. They should be bankrupted for what the do.

CNN, MSNBC, Fox, etc. do not pay guests.

So if a nutball commits an act of violence against the FBI because of their “witch hunt” would it be the fault of FOXnews or is that different?

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It’s ridiculous.

I see Trump and MAGA bumper stickers all the time.

"Mr. Trump himself repeatedly seemed to endorse attacks on his detractors, too.

“Maybe he should have been roughed up,” he said of one protester who was reportedly punched and kicked in November 2015. “I’d like to punch him in the face, I’ll tell ya,” he said of another a few months later. He even offered to pay legal fees for his supporters if they became too aggressive."

:rofl: :rofl: good one.

Yes, he said that a few years ago. In response to violent protesters targeting his followers at one of his rallies. A very human reaction to thuggery, bullies.

The left is deranged. They have dehumanized Trump and are going after his followers as “sub humans, animals”

That happens just be genocide, the opposition is made to seem “not human” and then all sorts of evil can be heaped upon them, as they really aren’t people anyway.

we should have a special federal police force to protect Republicans.

We should have a special federal police force to arrest libs.

Perhaps CBP agents and ICE agents should spend more time doing their jobs and less time comiserating over what the media might be saying.

Wow, equating a few violent events with genocide.

Too Funny!

Yeah, why not.

From another thread:

The left is deranged. It’s time to put those leftists where they belong: in jail.

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