Border Agent complains about the Media calling Agents Nazis etc

On The Story with Martha MacCallum border agent protests media’s labeling them terrorists etc.

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The DNC’s media outlets should be liable for the violence they incite by their disinformation campaign about child detention. Free Speech does not permit yelling Fire in a theater and by labeling Law Enforcement Nazi’s and terrorists…The deranged will feel they have a moral obligation to kill Nazis.

Tucker Calson observes “pure evil cannot be reasoned with, it only be destroyed.”

He observes the leftist media and crew have labeled all who oppose them on immigration “pure evil”

Democrats and its media arm are inciting violence against all who disagree, by labeling them “pure evil”.

The deranged lunatic fringe will consider it “justice” to kill “pure evil.”

Just like that Bernie supporter tried to kill all Republicans at baseball practice.

Actually in general as long as they don’t call for violence against the agents the First Amendment does protect them.

From Government regulation, yes. Not civil lawsuit. There is a direct connection between loons shooting law enforcement, and the deranged Democrat Party labeling them Nazis.

A leftist loon, convinced they were Nazis, are "morally justified (to themselves) to do violence against law enforcement.

To prevent that lunacy, class action lawsuits, individuals harmed by Democrat bullies so they lost their jobs, business, got their cars keyed, their children threatened…need to lawyer up.

We should organize the righteous crusade against the deranged loons of the left and their enablers, the Media and DNC. Sue the piss out of them till they are bankrupt.

I will gladly donate big $$$ to the cause.

The First Amendment applies to civil cases as well.

No it doesn’t. If it did, people wouldn’t get fired for tweets.

Yes it does. Your first amendment rights are rather limited when it comes to what you can get away with at work or when representing your employer.

Look at how difficult it is for someone in the public eye to win a defamation suit.

Both sides of your mouth are talking. Yes, you can’t sue on the grounds of the first amendment, you sue for what is said, that it harmed you.

Free speech is protected, consequences to freely speaking is not.

That’s why people get fired for tweets, and why the Democrat Media can be bankrupted for what they say.

And they are saying a lot of evil things equivalent to stoking the fires of social unrest.

I will gladly donate to a “Gofundme” page whose goal is to bankrupt the lame stream media and its DNC lackeys.

Can you point out which media outlet is labeling border agents as terrorists? Should not be that hard, if true.

And you remain wrong.

To rise to the level of not being protected speech they would have to be calling for violence directly. In such a case the “incitement to riot” statutes would kick in.

Cite a single case in which a media outlet has successfully been sued for similar histrionic exaggerations.

I believe they have sunk to a new low. Therefore, the past is not a foretaste of the future.

That’s not a media outlet, that’s a commentator. In your OP you said media. Any hosts, anchors, etc.?

You just showed you have absolutely nothing to base your claims on.

Well, that’s not true at all.

No there’s not.

A class action lawsuit against democrats.

You are right. BornAgainChristian’s analogy only applies to the right when they say mean things, or " perceived mean things ".

The Tucker Carlson link begins right after he cites MSNBC as doing precisely that. Go to his site for the full video, unfortunately I picked one that deleted the first minute of his show.

They know they are inciting their base. That’s direct enough. Bill Clinton blamed Limbaugh for the Oklahoma bombing, far less direct.