Boom we win - Supreme Court Strikes down gambling law

Not a lot of news in yet


This is a great decision allowing states to deal with gambling on state by state basis.

$200 on the Phillies…

more information on it than I’ve seen on other sites.

The last sports bet I placed was the year Virginia Tech joined the ACC. Duke was coming to town to play some b-ball, and they’d already beaten VT by 20+ that season. I told my wife (a VT grad) about how VT was gonna have their asses handed to them that evening. She say “I bet you $20 Tech wins”. I took that bet thinking “Hell, yeah, lunch at Wendy’s tomorrow!”. And I’ll damned if VT didn’t pull off the upset!

In closing, if sports betting becomes a thing in my state I will NOT be participating.

This is a good decision.

Putting $10 on the Sharks to win the Stanley Cup when I was in Vegas a few weeks ago . . . that was a bad decision!

Does this mean I can bet on tennis matches like my friends across the pond can do?

Not sure if this is a good thing or bad, but I do enjoy playing DFS. Made some good coin during this past NBA season.

Given that it is already so easy to bet on sports over the Internet . . .

And given that sports gambling is (according to CNBC just now) such a tiny portion of casino revenues in Nevada (where it is already legal) . . .

This will not change the Casino picture much.

IF states begin to legslize sports gambling at stadia, bars advertising during sports matches etc… then maybe this change will be noteworthy

Hey, did you hear about what employees at Draft Kings and Fan Duel were doing? They were using their proprietary info to place bets on each other’s site. They cleaned up big time.

I had not heard, but it makes sense.

If you know the odds are going to change you can place a bet before they do. The bet the other side after.

Yep, I heard about it, 2 or 3 years ago. I stopped playing for a while because of it. Had me question if money is actually made, until I actually won a tournament.

However, sometimes I do think the system is rigged simply because it’s hard to believe folks win a lot of money with a random bench player in their lineup who just so happened to get hot on that particular night.

will hill took oh $1,000,000,000 in legal bets in Nevada last year (2017)

That doesnt sound like such a tiny potion to me.


Link to the Opinion of the Court.

If folks want to throw away their money it is their business i suppose.

Years ago I used to make a lot of money hedging bets with the online books

Yup, same here. One time I did a Fantasy Football league and the yearly fee was a hundred bucks. I hated that but at least I lost that money over a 4 month timespan so it stung less. :grin:

Other than that, I think betting on anything is a waste of money.

Well in the long run gamblers are going to lose. Only the house or bookies really make money.

I play the Fantasy Football with my son in laws and some other folks but in a non-gambling League.

Playing for “bragging” rights is kind of fun. :wink:

Gooddad, I will agree with you about casino gambling. Its has a house edge and they are not a game of skill (well maybe blackjack).

OTOH sports betting and poker are games of skill where the more skilled you are the better your chances,


And now much of that will be divided amongst other states. And who is will hill?

Your odds would certainly be better with sports betting. I just have never been into it. :smiley: