Bohemian Rhapsody

I saw the biopic Bohemian Rhapsody about Freddie Mercury and Queen today, and it was a good film.

Of course, I loved the music in the film, and I loved the costumes. I also thought the performance by Rami Malek as Freddie Mercury was great,

Even though I enjoyed the movie, it could have been better. I wished there was something more.

Overall, it was a good film to see, especially if you’re a Queen fan, I recommend everyone to see.

I give it a score of an B+.


I’m a huge fan of Rami Malek such a good actor.

Going next week. I was hoping for a blockbuster review.

Looking forward to seeing it. My son is seeing it today.

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My son just returned from seeing it. He said it was fantastic, though he wondered how much was not accurate. I’m no Queen expert, but I believe they cooperated on this so I’d think while some might be embellished, it’s the way it was.

Pretty much any “biography” ever.

Anyone hear of the difficulties that occurred making this film? Look up “Bohemian Rhapsody”

IIRC the film does not cover the end of Mr. Bulsara’s life. Portraying a man who has lost everything from a portion of a foot to his eyesight from his diminished immune system would have presented additional challenges.

I’m sure the soundtrack is excellent & haven’t ruled out seeing it.

Going to go see it with the woman I’m dating, but first we have to see A Star Is Born tomorrow.

I don’t put too much trust in reviews, but what I’ve read seem to confirm what I was afraid of - Rami Malek would utterly kill it, but the movie as a whole would be iffy and problematic.

I’m still going to see it this week.

I haven’t seen it yet but one thing that is reportedly inaccurate is that in the movie Mercury was diagnosed with AIDS some time before the live aid show in 1985 whereas in reality he wasn’t diagnosed until 1987.

They also apparently embellished some of his relationships while skipping on some others.

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Yeah, Rolling Stone has an article that goes through the inaccuracies and mentions that. That’s a big turn they didn’t need to take. But the guy who plays Mercury does a great job, no question.

Finally saw it yesterday. Enjoyable movie for the music but way too fictionalized for my tastes.

After the movie I started looking up Live Aid. I was young when it happened and wasn’t able to watch it. I’d always thought that all the big artists of the time performed and I was rather amazed to see how many, especially on the American front, did not perform. The following huge artists of the era couldn’t be bothered: Michael Jackson, Bruce Springsteen, Prince, Van Halen, Billy Joel, Diana Ross, and Huey Lewis and the News.

I think the thing that bugged me most about the fictionalized history of the movie was the fake drama it portrayed. The movie had the band breaking up for a year or two before Live Aid which was in 1985. In reality they never broke up as they released an album in 1984 and then did a lengthy world tour in support of that album that only ended a month before Live Aid. Thus there was no big deal about them getting back together since they never broke up and they certainly didn’t have to get back into playing shape since they’d been touring for a year.

Freddie did do two solo albums but both came after Live Aid and both were well received.

Agreed. It was unnecessary. The thing was the guy who played Freddie was the best guy they could have gotten. They really had little to worry about. But they still couldn’t get it completely right.

By the way, I recently found a copy of his solo album “Barcelona” in a budget bin at a CD store. I’d never heard it. He and Montserrat Caballe sing on it and I was wary of the combination, but it is amazing.


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I thought the movie was great. Fortunately, I went in to it with entertainment, not education, as my goal, so the historical inaccuracies did not disappoint me.