Media trying to decide candidates

It means truth.

Please elaborate. Im missing your point. Thanks in advance

Biden isnt going for trumps base. They are a worthless cause

Trump isn’t going for Biden’s base. They are a worthless cause.

The Big Tent of Old White Men. And Pelosi.


Yeah it’s a bunch of nonsense. It’s all very transparent.

Next thing you’re going to deny Motherjones.

And the huffington post!

:thinking: When people want to read the current trends/news in progressive/liberal political thought they’re first thoughts aren’t Rolling Stone. :roll_eyes:

I use to see lots of Rolling Stones posts/quotes here.

A totally useless metric.

Of course…denial.

Pictures or it didn’t happen.

I doubt he could link to 8 posts from libs here using RS.

Is this enough for you?

No Pictures.

You won’t anything when then man himself says it, so just this once I’ll be a blind partisan like some here are wont to be.

I backed up my comments.

Trump backed up his.

I like how weird this place gets with tangents. Bizarre thread is now about how much liberals love Rolling Stone. I preferred it about the media blocking Gabbards clear path to the presidency.

Its all about the money