Bob Mueller speaking at 11 A.M

I don’t know what he will say but I can tell you I’m not waiting with bated breath to hear anything coming out of his forked tongue mouth! :roll_eyes:

Will have a no collusion sign printed up from the White House?

Could you please document where Mueller has ever lied? Or are you just typing preconceived opinions to make yourself feel better?


The refrigerator said he lied.

No collusion, no obstruction. The end.

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“By regulation the SC was bound by DOJ department policy. Charging the President with a crime was therefore NOT AN OPTION WE COULD CONSIDER.



Ya he said since trump wouldnt have chance to defend in court, they didn’t think it would be fair to charge him or make claim of obstruction

No Boom. That has already been discussed since the time the report was released. Not a single thing new. He’s done and will not comment anymore. As I predicted.

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Mueller was bound by justice department rules.


Well. This conference was a nothing berder.

Although, it seems Mueller is more concerned about Russian interference than anything else.

Won’t be testifying further.

Made it clear however, that his office couldn’t charge Trump with anything and therefore did not.

Also made it clear that the Ruskies clearly interfered with our election in the hope of aiding one campaign.

The take aways:

Russia interfered in the election.

There are 10 possible instances of obstruction by the President.

The President cannot be charged by the justice department so he wasn’t.

IF the President DID NOT commit a crime the report would clearly have said so, it didn’t.

Mueller will not offer any more comments on the investigation.

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Sure buddy, 2 months of people saying that footnotes and a full description of the policy was not relevant, and parsing that every statement was not led by “If not for the DOJ policy…”.

Yes, WE all in understood it, but Trump supporters were in complete denial.


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Yeah, not exactly…

“If we had confidence the president clearly did not commit a crime, we would have said so. We did not.”

What is this saying?


That he committed a crime


It’s not only what he said. It’s what he didn’t say. He rebutted Republican talking points. He found evidence that Trump did wrongs especially in obstruction of justice but it’s up to Congress to take it from here. Let’s hope there are honest Republicans. I don’t have much faith in that.

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Russia attacked us. Where is the outrage from the Trump-lovers?


He did not say that at all. You made that up. He said that he could not charge him. He did not claim to have a single shred of evidence to charge him with anything. That simply was not said.

  • They interfered to damage a candidate
  • I stand by my team
  • Insufficient evidence to charge a conspiracy
  • We did not make a determination about a crime because we constitutionally could not.

His last words : Russia interfered. This investigation deserves the attention of Americans.

He refuted every Trump talking point about this.