Bob Mueller speaking at 11 A.M

Will he support or contradict his own report. Thoughts?

He will support his own report and contradict Barr’s summary.


How specifically with he contradict Barr’s summary?

Barr’s summary did not differ. He contradicted nothing from the Mueller report. I have a feeling that the liberals will not be happy.


I’ll just wait 30 minutes and hear what he has to say

I’m hoping that he reveals the exact date when he realized it was a hoax. I don’t expect it though.


Finally. This is a good thing.

Yes it did. Mueller said so. I have a feeling conservatives will not be happy with what he says and also will mischaracterize what he will say.

He will say “No collusion, no obstruction!” six times, then walk away.


Hes announcing a run for POTUS

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This feeling you have. Are you sure it’s not just a partisan hope?

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“No collusion, no obstruction, stable genius” - ROBERT SWAN MUELLER III

Where did this come from?

Has anyone in this thread read the Report? I started reading it and what he does say is there is no legal statute against “collusion” or “cooperation” but there were incidents detailed in the report. It’s not the sweet story cons have been bending in their partisan light.

Who cares. ■■■■ mueller and his stupid report. And his stupid statement.


I am not expecting anything that was not covered on his report. I think all of the info has already been made public. Why is he still employed anyway? The investigation ended two months ago.

I don’t think he held anything back. His report contained all the info. Nothing new is coming.

You cared enough to post here lol.

He’s resigning and making bullet points on the report and reviewing obstruction.

There will be nothing new revealed.