Boarder Crisis Solution:

No one is released into the US without extreme vetting. They have the choice of leaving the US or staying in an internment camp at the border until they are vetted.

The only exceptions are those who are invited into the home of a sponsor (Democrat) who is 100% responsible for ALL expenses and 100% responsible for any crimes committed by the “asylum seekers” and will be prosecuted as a willing accomplice to the crimes.

Make America Great Again

I agree that Republicans in Congress should adopt this policy and run with it.

Should we use the same kind of vetting Trump employs when looking for someone to work in his White House?


Nobody vets better than Trump. I can tell you that.

Seems they can’t even be bothered with putting someone’s name in Google and clicking “search”.

Can anyone tell me what’s the “crisis” on the border?

Concerning kids in cages: all the schools around here are all caged in

The Trump WH job questionnaire seems to only have 2 questions: Race and sex

That is not a solution, that is a petty bullcrap statement that doesn’t help at all.

They do have at least a couple more questions: 1) Have you ever disparaged Trump or a member of his family? 2) Will you swear a loyalty oath to the president?

  1. Describe your ability to lie on the fly. 4) What did you think of my inauguration’s crowd size?

Didn’t the orange idiot tell Republican congress today to basically give up any immigration reform until after the mid-terms?

Hey, it’s cute that the OP spelled “border” just like Trump did it in that tweet.


It’s the correct spelling though. The dear leader is never wrong. Didn’t you know that the president has the authority to change the dictionary any time he wants?

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He done skipped out on his rent again!


There is a difference between a person “cage” within a facility and a facility “enclosure”, especially where the occupants of the latter can come and go without constraint.

in my church there are a number of families who have taken in kids (my family has as well). we’re definitely a mix or democrats and republicans. we have a very low percentage of the real extremists though.

and as far as i know, we all paid their expenses. i know i did.


Seriously good on you and everybody in your church! Major props and respect

Thought thread may be a non troll thread worth consideration until the line above,

It’s boarder, not border. Sounds like one of the people he rents to may be nefarious. :slight_smile: