Boarder Crisis Solution:


He’s even lied about the size of his dictionary.

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My solution is simpler. Build the wall. Anyone caught circumventing the wall is immediately sent back to Mexico. No processing.

That’s what real zero tolerance looks like.

Do you somehow believe that everyone crossing the border is Mexican?

Nope. But those from Central America traversed Mexico unopposed to reach our border. So, they are Mexico’s problem not ours.

So if they went through our country to Canada, would you OK with them putting them back into the US?

Ah, the ad hoc rules of life according to peek a boo. Thanks for that.

I can get boarders whenever I want.

There’s no shortage of boarders in this country, so there is no boarder crisis.

Then why all the “room to let” signs?

I was thinking maybe they don’t shower

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We should cherish this interaction with a real life Trump voter in the wild. Shhhhh, you’ll spook him!

Keep in mind that as bat crazy as the Trump supporters are that we interact with daily on here, they’re like rocket scientists compared to the Deep Thoughts in the OP which are probably a lot more typical and widespread in your average Trump Davidian.

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We’ve already got AirBnB, what else do we need to take care of the boarder crisis?!?

It’s not everyday you get to witness a Trumphious Servas in their natural environment.

We already do that.

Thank you !!

Since we’re discussing the “boarder” crisis, here’s a Trump lie that has a source!