BLUE WAVE CRASHING: Trump Congratulates California GOP After Big Primary Night | Sean Hannity

President Trump praised Republicans across the country Wednesday morning after a strong showing in Tuesday’s primary races; congratulating gubernatorial candidate John Cox on “really big numbers in California.”

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I think that the Blue wave will not amount to much! They have really nothing to stand on except for the hate and contempt for President Trump and his supporters. We have a strong economy, job growth and the respect of the world community. Several in the world community do not like President Trump and his policies but I feel they respect him on his will to do what he says he will do for America. Those who are angry just cannot stand the fact of a President who will not allow the American people to be taken advantage of any longer! The Blue Wave has nothing but failed polices, hate and the destruction of America and the core principles in which we were founded!

Yeah the democrats have shot them self’s in the foot and I believe that it is going to be a red wave and hopefully the people in California won’t keep voting for failure after failure of the democrats and their policies unfortunately there track record speaks for itself

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California has a budget surplus, GDP ahead of National average, and more. Clearly a giant failure.

Meanwhile in the conservative utopia of Kansas.

You guys don’t even try to deal with reality anymore. Sad!

Maybe they can put the surplus toward some of their unfunded liabilities like state pensions or that.

What’s their surplus? Compared to the $400 BILLION that they need to fully fund and pay off past bonding?

California has promised $74 billion more in health and dental benefits to current and retired state workers than the state has put aside.

Moorlach said he’s concerned with the state’s pension debt — the teachers retirement system alone faces a $72.7 billion unfunded liability. The most recent estimate in 2014 for the California Public Employees’ Retirement System shows a $43.2 billion unfunded liability.

The state has $77 billion in deferred maintenance needed to fix roads, highways and bridges,

The article is from 2016, but I’m sure in the last two years these numbers havn’t gone down and have probably gone up.

Maybe they should used the surplus to start on these issues instead of things like healthcare for illegals and that.

Better than the GOP who just blew up the deficit and the other GOP controlled states who are doing an excellent job demonstrating just how irresponsible and bad conservative economic policy is.

Nice deflection . . .

Shouldn’t California take care of their employee’s and roads before providing health care for those who are breaking the law by being in the country?

Simple yes or no questions.

What the Clinton News Network will not show you are the large numbers of counties in California who have had enough of failed Democrat polices & sanctuary cities. They have the highest homeless rate in the nation. The housing market is way too high for normal human beings. The Taxes are insane! No wonder companies & people are leaving in staggering numbers. “The Great California Exodus!” I wonder if they’ll make that into a movie? They’ll just call it “Trumps Fault!”

Yeah California’s economy is doing good until you look at the facts nestle Toyota oxypete and thousands more that are leaving the great state of California. And it’s one of the worst places to do business in America you’re great state get a F for it’s business friendliness. More people are moving out then are moving in highest taxes in the country 12.3% you voted to raise your gas tax by 40%. And Gavin Newsom openly says he’s going to raise your taxes higher and the sad thing is dumbass’s like you wil vote for him I could go on and on with the facts but you still live in reality and that’s sad

Does that include Daca people who are undocumented though no fault of their own.

Just to clarify before answering.


Are you decrying capitalism in a thread discussing the political loses by “socialists and communists”

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No they aren’t

2018 Growth Rate - 0.61%

Who can afford to live in california?

And New York and New Jersey.

Who indeed?

Lol. I live here and I am middle class.


Exactly right.

Cost of living has got to be high there. California seems to be one of the highest priced gas states

Its such a utopia that the pew did a poll and 50% of Californians want out! Silicon Valley and Hollywood hyper inflates the GDP in Cali.

California as been getting more blue over the last several years. A Republican hasn’t won a statewide race in California since 2006. In 2010, Jerry Brown won his election for Governor by about 13 percentage points. In 2014, Governor Brown won his reelection bid by about 20 percentage points. Gavin Newson is going to be California’s next Governor.

Undocumented? You mean illegal.
Or are you going to say drug dealers are undocumented pharmacists and looters/shoplifters are undocumented shoppers?

Gavin Newsom. The edit button still doesn’t work here. Also, Democrats are very likely going to pick up a couple of House seats from California.