BLM's grant of grazing permit to Hammond Ranches Inc., issued by then Secretary of the Interior Zinke on his last day in office is revoked

If we listen carefully, I believe we hear a consistency in their grammar. “Why does anybody neeeed xyz.”

…to each according to his needs.


Sneaky I’m a real person right? We’ve had more than a few conversations? And I really am interested as to why this situation would open someones eyes. Not judging. Really curious

Did you read the articles in the thread?

Yes, did you read the reports?

The chain of events that unfolded as a result of cows, then the aftermath, then the results.

@Adam did you know Hammond called and received permission to start one of the fires? Did you know there was a recording? Did you know about the comments by the retired guy?

Do you have any idea what’s like to try to save a herd from some impending catastrophe?

Did you know the Hammonds won in court about the fence? Did you know what happened after they did?

Just trying to get them to the damn feed can be a job in-of-itself.



I concur. I’m a bit of a Dairy-Supremacist though. Gotta have that milk!


@Adam you want to discuss this?

Good news, get these morons off my land.

I was absolutely clear that I wanted to hear people’s opinions. I didn’t make a claim. May I have time to read?

Absolutely. Take all the time you need.

That’s a good article with a lot of information I was not aware of. The wildlife refuge itself is a joke though, there would have been far more diversity and it would have been a much healthier ecosystem in it’s original state as swampland surrounding the lake. Their predecessors WERE despoilers of the land when they drained that swampland that surrounded the lake in question.

That said, it was not illegal at the time. If anyone wants to return the land to it’s former natural state as it were, it can only be properly done by purchasing the land from them on a voluntary basis and doing probably hundreds of millions of dollars of reclamation to get rid of all the drainage and whatnot and diverting whatever waters flow there in such a way as to make the former swampland wet again. The trees would all die and eventually, maybe a century or so, the swampland would again be well established. That ain’t gonna happen.

The article being written by an advocate for the ranchers, I doubt it is completely accurate but there is enough there for my support to lean towards the ranchers.

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Maybe but historically there’s no much federal land out west because no private owners wanted it.

I’ll take it.

You are of course, incorrect.

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The Bundys are still jackasses.


Nothing I like better about the west than this historical fact. :+1:

I roam around BLM and NFS land constantly. So beautiful.