BLM's grant of grazing permit to Hammond Ranches Inc., issued by then Secretary of the Interior Zinke on his last day in office is revoked

The case name is Western Watersheds Project, Center for Biological Diversity and WildEarth Guardians, Plaintiffs v David Bernhardt, Secretary of the Interior, Jeffrey Rose, Burns District Bureau of Land Management and Bureau of Land Management, Defendants. Presiding Judge was United States District Judge Michael H. Simon of the District of Oregon.

The Hammonds, as you may remember, were the jackasses who set multiple fires to public lands and it was their imprisonment that set off the Bundy’s and the siege. They may have been pardoned by Donald Trump, but all a pardon is is an act of grace. It may make the punishment go away, it may make the conviction go away, but it does NOT make the past go away.

And the past is quite clear. The Hammonds abused their grazing permits, set fire to public lands and callously endangered human life. They have no business every setting foot on BLM land again, let alone having their damn cattle graze.

But Zinke essentially gave them a permit, no questions asked, in an improper manner, on his last day in office.

In this case, the Judge revoked the grant of the permit under the Administrative Procedures Act for violation of procedure in granting this permit.

While the Hammonds can still apply in the normal way, they must go through the full process, including public comment and with their history, a permit grant is unlikely and any permits available would likely to to ranchers without a negative history.

This case was correctly decided.


I respect you, but you don’t know this story.

Susan said her son Steven was told that the BLM was conducting a burn of their own somewhere in the region the same day, and that they believed there would be no problem with the Hammonds going ahead with their planned fire. The court transcript includes a recording from that phone conversation.

In cross-examination of a prosecution witness, the court transcript also includes an admission from Mr. Ward, a range conservationist, that the 2001 fire improved the rangeland conditions on the BLM property.

For starters.

■■■■ the BLM.


Prescribed burns on federal land in their area have all but stopped due to pressure from special interest groups, Maupin said. As a result, wildfires now burn much hotter due to a “ladder” of material on the ground – grass, brush and trees.

Same source.

There’s a lot more to this story than gets told.

I didn’t really follow this case but when I initially read the thread topic I was baffled. Why does black lives matter need a grazing permit? :man_facepalming:


The central government has been screwing with this family since the 70s. In 1994 they cut off their water, lost in court and changed the law. It’s a guy and his wife that were at the core of it.


More information.


Bureau of Land Management.

Bull ■■■■ Land Monopoly

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I love the way this whole drama unfolded. It was a real eye-opener.

In what way? There are a lot of people who maybe don’t understand. Like me.

When did you originally join the forums?

You said it was an eye opener I asked a question. Hoping you could explain why you thought it was an eye opener. But if it helps, been here since the beginning of this site. And most of the last site. Why was it an eye opener?

Did the big media ever tell the story about fencing off the water and the court decision and such?

There is an element of the bureaucracy, spearheaded by that gov ■■■■ head and his wife (I wish I could remember their names) that has been trying to drive the Hammonds out of there for years. They want to expand that wildlife refugee and add more to gov control. I have no doubt “nobody needs that much land.”

Libism is killing America and it’s only going to get worse as the population grows.

I needed some info first since I don’t believe anything you’re saying.

Did you read the articles in the thread?

I remember libs beginning to be open and honest about themselves when they were cheering on the shooting death of LaVoy Finicum. Most of them stopped pretending after that chain of events, some others just got worse at lying about it.

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If you don’t know Adam, who posts under his name here and at the previous site and is fairly liberal but is incredibly interested in awareness of what goes on in Syria for the past five years, then I don’t know what to tell you. Old posters know me.

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I took 4 years off this board and you’re not memorable enough for me to know. Don’t know what to tell you. lol

I have the info now though. Thanks.

Fair enough. So what was eye opening?