Blended Sentencing

Tennessee is moving in the right direction with juvenile criminals. Hopefully, more states will follow and stop coddling serious offenders.

Tennessee lawmakers have sent a “blended sentencing” bill to Gov. Bill Lee’s desk that will crack down on lenient punishments for the worst of the worst juvenile offenders by handing them adult punishments after they age out of the juvenile system.

“We worked with the juvenile judges as much as we could to come up with something that was reasonable, something that would hold them accountable and put in place a blended sentencing model where if you were a juvenile, and you truly wanted to get back to society in a good place, then we put in some conditions that you had to follow,” he said. “And you have to do three of seven, graduate high school, get a GED, obtain a job, not commit more crimes, and you have to do a certain number of those over the next little bit not to be moved to adult court or held over to the age of 25.”


This sounds logical and hopefully will put these criminal juveniles on the right path?


Let’s hope so. Seems like a common-sense solution. I’m not sure how anyone could oppose this.


It’s as if they’re trying to rehabilitate these people! :clap:


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

The sheer audacity!


I sometimes wondered why if a child isn’t responsible for their crime because they’re a juvenile, should then the balance of the penalty be laid on the backs of the parents? :thinking: :smirk:

I wouldn’t charge the parents for the crimes of the kids. Not ever.


Too late…

There are times when the parents are so irresponsible, that IMO…their behavior or lack there of are partly responsible for the crime their child committed. Historically…they’ve not been charged but in Michigan last year, after their child went on a shooting rampage in a school, the parents were charged. The access to the gun was what initiated this.

I’ve seen that stupidity and I stand by what I said.

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That would be a pretty high bar to convict. I know there are a lot of great parents out there who have a child that just went haywire for some reason.

Then, there are a lot of really bad parents who foster the environment for their child to become a criminal.

Neither committed a crime.

The TN lawmakers also passed a bill that would allow the death penalty for child rapists.


That’s excellent. :clap:


Parental negligence already comes with consequences that can be leaned into or enhanced.

Pretending like the parents are the ones committing the children’s crimes over a perceived need for a pound of flesh is way too far over the line.

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It is but consider the parents who enable their children to turn into little thugs. I can understand in those circumstances why people want the parent(s) held responsible.

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I would admire the hell out of them if they adopted the People’s Avenger, the guillotine, for executions.

We should be a guillotine country. It has a rich history in republics. Some excesses too, but it is a full proof method of killing people who need killing.

No question. Now take a look at the direction of our country and our youth. Parenting is on the decline and murderers are of a younger and younger age. If an irresponsible parent is held responsible, maybe in the same direction this legislation will be guiding the youthful offender, it will do the same for the irresponsible parents?

I’d like to see all rapist get the death penalty. Unfortunately, there are many examples of people being falsely convicted of rape. So if you can prove without any doubt the person being executed is the actual rapist then I am all for it.

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We can’t agree on everything but 99.9999999% is pretty close. :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:

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They’d be held to what is deemed to be a fair portion of the crime.

Some excesses. :blush:

I also agree with this sentiment with regards to the law. I think when you rape a child you are taking away a life for all intents and purposes.

I don’t think the law is going to stand up to Supreme Court scrutiny but who knows. This is why most states have adopted life without parole for child rapists.

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