#blacksforbiden Steele endorses biden

A President is voted on to set the issues, and to lead on the issues. I don’t need a cheerleader as President, or to tell me what my culture should be.
I guess it depends on the motives of the individual voter.
Determining whether to go to war, to me, is more important than cheering us into a war.

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That is your criteria.

Not mine.

You speak only for yourself.


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But any Republican would do this. The President has a cabinet and advisors for a reason. The Presidents one job is to be a leader and inspire the change his advisors, cabinet, Heads will implement.

He is terrible at his only job.

That is their criteria the minute Trump was elected. Before Trump, decorum mattered. See Tan suit and feet on desk controversies with Obama

How do you think I got through the Obama and Bush administrations?

It is true. The President is really a figurehead for the most part.

So much wrong in a single post.


I think he is a stark contrast to both of these men, actually. To consider otherwise means we are at an impasse at what we consider to be admirable or detrimental qualities.

Delivering on goals is another point of dispute. Trump said he would have a better replacement for the ACA on day one, he still hasn’t delivered one almost 4 years later. He said Mexico would pay for the wall, which they have not. He said he would make America great, and we are worse off under his leadership. He said he would bring manufacturing jobs back and he has not done that. He said he would save the coal industry and it has declined faster than under Obama or Bush.

He has just delivered Judges and taxes. But at what cost?

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If only the extremists and pundits on both sides had your perspective. :wink:

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I find pandering to be contemptible.

Probably explains the difference.

I can’t help but wonder if Steele was in on the take.

Steele just wants to make sure he’s still black. #blacksforbidden

I see your point. You are a “the end justifies the means” kind of guy.

For some, the means are important. There are limits.

You do not see my point. In my lifetime I have never seen anyone so far from my point. My point is in a different country than your seeing.

Hence the divide between blue staters and red ones?

Forget the woman from Venus and man from Mars.

Trump supporters are from Mercury and the ones opposing him are from Neptune.


You vote issues, not people. Using that credo, the person could be corrupt yet as long as he advances the issues you like, you are fine.

The ends justifies the means.

Personally don’t want either Trump or Biden to win. That being said I very objective and to answer your question, my family is better off under Trump than Obama simply due to the fact that we are able to keep more money in our pockets due to the tax cut. Regarding liberal politicians and their policies this video says it all:

Joe Collins - Mansion Maxine


No I am not fine with whatever a President does. If he decides to take over states, that is not about his personality, that is an issue. If he is pleasant and connects well with people and reads speeches well and tries to take over states, then I am not impressed with this personality. Its the issue that matters.
I dont want a buddy and hero. I want someone who does the right thing. You are confusing what I mean as an issue and a personality.
More to the point this election year, if the guy tweets gibberish and gets into verbal arguments with movie actors, but wants to defend out borders…I am going with him over someone who knows how to play President and doesnt enforce our immigration laws.

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Thanks for clarifying. We all have our limits what we will accept in our president. I too consider issues far more important but limits to behavior exist.

In the case of Steele and other Lincoln Project members, that limit has been exceeded.

Another fairy tale. Obama sent the irs after conservative groups because they would not shut up and cower in front of him. Fake news being repeated does not change the facts.
Another fairy tale. Obama used the DOJ to spy on a candidate running for the office of President. Putin couldn’t have done any better.
No one protested thin skinned Obama who thought the world revolved around him and what he wanted. The teaparty went after their own party members over the bailouts of big business. Than when the leftist would not let conservatives have a voice over health care the teaparty groups went after their representatives who were not listening to the voters who put them in office.
Like obama making fun of handicaped people.
Like obama telling me a conservative to shut up and sit in the back of the bus because he won.
Like obama who had a DOJ that did his bidding and covered for him. We remember obama ordering the killing of a United States citizen without a trail. Seems like something Putin would do. We remember obama investigating himself and declaring that he had done nothing wrong.
Like obama who went after conservative SC Justices during his state of the union address. Seems like something a dictator would do.
Like obama who took a slap at religious people who support the 2nd amendment because they did not fall at his feet.
Obama who decided after he got slapped in the midterms to become a dictator who no longer had to wait for the house and senate to send him legislation. No he decided he would just use his phone and pen the heck with the voters. We remember DACA and many others things obama did with his phone and pen.
Obama was the biggest divider that has ever entered the White House. The man is a narrcisist who only cares about himself.

Children need someone to admire and emulate. Grownups don’t.