Black ops? The more I see the more it looks like CIA

this thing stinks.

were they supposed to get caught? something dirty here.


I’m very disappointed that I only learned about this today, a week after the fact.

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been reported… with a drip, drip, drip of an unfolding narrative


Don’t see the CIA being dumb enough to leave a trail of breadcrumbs back the US.

not sold. i think these guys were supposed to get caught. they don’t seem to have known it


No getaway plan?

I don’t believe the CIA couldn’t source and run the entire thing without leaving obvious trails to home turf.

Hanlon’s Razor

Running it outside the US wouldn’t be malice, it would be pretty basic tradecraft.

Doesn’t seem like CIA to me. As far as I know, CIA assassinations tend to be poison, or planting explosives. A loud shootout doesn’t seem to be their mo.

Yes, the CIA has been mucking around in Haiti for a long time.

As far as the most recent assassination, it is not clear what is going on. The quick uncovering of an alleged plot from some Haitian-Americans who falsely claimed to be DEA agents sounds suspicious on multiple levels. Was it a set up by the FBI/CIA? Is it part of a turf war between competing government agencies?

Getting the FBI to help with the investigation is highly suspect as well. They are almost certainly there for clean up and cover up.

RT has been running with information that does not appear in the US media. Of course they have their own biases, but at least they are not simply repeating CIA propaganda.

Of course the US military helped train them. Not to do this.

you have to ask the question, was the stooges getting caught part of the plan. who does it harm?

south florida private security
columbian special forces

stinks of cia

that would depend on the message being sent, to whom its being sent, and who this thing being public harms

unless it wanted trails. trails it left leading to someone.

You don’t think, Trump is behind it? Gasp


Smacks of amateur wannabes.

They killed a President, at his home. It’s a huge deal. That took planning and prepping. It seems highly suspect that they would be so sloppy in their exfil.

of course not. i’m wondering who in government is connected to this security company. someone always is. whoever it is, needs to be looking out for the knife in the back