Black Lives Matter

Is this why Black Lives Matter? Are they needed to assault Women Senior Citizens because other groups wont do it?

Imagine if this had been a white youth doing this to a 92yo Black Woman. It would be on an endless loop for msnbc and cnn. Think about the riots then.


I’ve seen it. It’s a hate crime.

Libs will say stop your whining. Suck it up…

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This is not a justifiable response to the police doing something similar.


Nobody said it was. Read the article.

New York City police say they have arrested a suspect seen on video shoving a 92-year-old woman in what appears to be a random attack.

Was he physically abused during the arrest?

The article doesn’t say.

Let’s take a walk down memory lane and examine the truth. Isn’t it funny…the truth doesn’t change but lies evolve and are now being fed at the sheople trough and all across the country, the sheople are regurgibleeting and physically responding to these lies regarding the police. The speaker labels it a hateful ideology and here we are, four years later, witnessing the results…all across the country.

Just read that the person arrested for this has been previously arrested 103 times!

What are the chances that NY will let him back out later on today?


It’s a sad story my friend and I hope somewhere down the road, there’s a happy ending to it?

We are in the year 2020, does it look or feel like things are getting better? Hate and division is the new political norm.

There’s ONE reason for all of these forces uniting to echo this negative message…REMOVE TRUMP FROM OFFICE so the establishment can return to the status quo. When Trump gets reelected…and he will now, for sure because those that aren’t eating from the sheople trough realize our country has been hijacked by the left and “we” want it returned to the center…for all.

More results of black lives matter from around the world.

A career criminal should at some point be a career prisoner. It shouldn’t take someone dying for that to happen.

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Not sure how this ties in with Black Lives Matter. Did arrested individual claim to be a member?

Dont know if he did or not.

If the situation was reversed, and a 31yo Caucasian knocked out a 92yo Black senior citizen, it would be on an endless loop and their would be riots in every city.

Had the police hurt this guy in his apprehension, that also would instigate riots all over this country.

Remove the “Black Lives Matter” and replace it with “All Lives Matter”. Even Senior Citizen lives matter, because apparently, this guy at 31 years old, didnt get that in his upbringing.

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I agree if the situation was reversed, the coverage as well as ensuing riots would never end.

However, I’m still doubting any ties to BLM based on simple math and looking close up at the suspect:

His features look more Caucasian, and he has over 100 arrests. Black Lives Matter as a movement is only 7 years old:

Second look at the article, hooligan’s record began in 2005, BLM came into existence in 2013. IMO there’s very little, if any connection, between the two.

Here’s another:

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Have you seen this one yet?

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103% < checks calculator > yeah 103

did his momma come out describing what a good boy he is and how he’s been unfairly treated by the cops yet?