Black Lives Matter and the lies of police shooting unarmed black persons

It’s the same 14. That was the point wasnt it? Just a child? Or was it the fact that it was a woman? Women are so docile… right?

So because a 14 year old in another sate committed murder that justifies police committing violence against all 14 year olds?

And some of us have the mentality that IT DOES happen to us and we are not black. Libs think that if something bad or unfair happens to a black person, it’s because they are black.

No strawmen please.

You tried to imply that applying force to a 14 year old woman was obviously wrong. I posted a refutation to that.

Now if you have SPECIFICS… maybe you have a point about unnecessary force. But you hung your hat implicitly on the presumption that a “14 year old girl” would never require force to control her.

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Yes the specifics is the incident show in the video. There was absolutely no justification for the officer to deliver those body shots and if our system worked the way it should the officer in question would already be under investigation for excessive force.

Armchair forensics. LoL.

She is already on the ground when the video starts. How tall was she? Weight? Hiw much resistance was she offering when she was standing. She was reported to be with violent teenagers who hurt little kids.

You are grasping dude

…said in a knee-jerk defense of oppression

Exactly. There is no reason to punch someone (14 years old or not) already face down on the ground with their arms under them and being restrained by another officer

It happens to white people too. Race baiting won’t work here.

Yes that situation was horrible as well. I am against all cases of excessive force and also realize that it happens to certain segments of society at a greater rate than it does with others

Mmmmmmm. So because a racist in Virginia runs over and kills a girl, that justifies calling…

Nope. I only call out racists when they are being racist. And no I don’t think all racists are murderers or rapists either, I assume some of them are good people


In general, one of the ingredients that I believe differentiates conservatives and liberals, is empathy.

Of course there are some conservatives that have empathy for others, but not enough do.

Your lack of empathy, created that post. Racism exists. A lot.

Well done.

The murder in the Mesa, Az. hotel hallway is as bad as I have seen.

And the Somali in NYC with the broom handles.

Woah, I totally missed that when it happened and just googled it. I agree that is some ■■■■■■ up ■■■■■ Acquitted?



Mostly to people who break the law.

What is your metric that leads to say “a lot”.

You don’t have it.