Black Lives Matter and the lies of police shooting unarmed black persons

The Washington Post tracks police shootings. In 2017 a total of 987 persons were shot and killed by police. Of those 987 only 20 were “unarmed” black persons.

Now of those 20, in two cases officers were charged. So thats 18 left to explain.

In 11 of those 18 the black persons (I say persons because one who was shot and killed was a female but she was more a victim - more on that in a bit) were violently fighting with the police. In one they were strangling the officer before being shot. In another they were violently beating the officers ahead against the ground and he shot as he was losing consciousness. Another “unarmed” black man was shot when he took hostages at a bank and had a bomb strapped to his chest. A sniper shot him before he could detonate the bomb but after the fact it was found the bomb was fake so he fell into the unarmed category. In another, a black man was shooting at police and used a female hostage as a shield who was unfortunately hit and killed by a police bullet from an officer trying to hit the guy shooting at him. She is the female who counts as unarmed. In several others the unarmed black men were violently trying to wrest away the officers gun. In another a man was on top of woman beating her and threatening that he had a gun was going to kill her, officers shot him to save the woman only he was found to not have a gun thus he was “unarmed.” Unarmed Alaska police officers take fire from gunman; armed citizen gets suspect to surrender – Law Officer

BLM and democrats would have you believe that cops are gunning down innocent unarmed black men every day in multiple cities across America. In reality less than two “unarmed” black men are being shot and killed per month in the whole country and the vast majority are clearly justified.

As a last nugget - 30 “unarmed” white people were shot and killed by police in 2017. Without a doubt most are similarly justified.

So do we have a police problem or do we have a problem with lies by BLM, the left, and the media? On a near daily basis now we are seeing officers vindicated against false complaints by their body cams. Prime example being the cop who was nationally lambasted by Shaun King (BLM race baiter) and other media as having sexually assaulted a drunk woman he arrested only to have his bodycam and dashcam show that it was one of the most uneventful and polite arrests and transports to jail on both sides you’ll ever see. Of course King claimed he was the real victim, not the officer he falsely accused and who received death threats over it. The Arena Group – Where the Action is

This is the #1 reason I’ve stopped voting democrat. Still won’t vote republican until they get their heads out of their bibles but I’m no longer voting against them.

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Your link says 223 black people were shot and killed. Where did you get 20 from?

Unarmed. Under the weapon tab.

Ah. Thanks. Interestingly, only 30 unarmed white people were killed.

Yes, keeping in mind this is not a complete record. There is no complete record of fatal police shootings in the US.

Keyword also being fatal, I do wonder how many shootings there are overall.

Mental illness being in play in about 25% of cases is also rather noteworthy. Police aren’t really well trained in how to deal with those cases.

On the contrary few have more training and actual hands on experience dealing with the mentally ill than police. Counselors go and get their degrees and then deal 99% of the time with fully compliant mentally ill in the comfy confines of their office. If they do act up they call the police. If they are working a mental hospital and someone acts up they give them Vitamin H (Halidol) or similar to calm them down.

Police on the other hand are the ones who on a daily basis deal with multiple mentally ill people in some sort of crisis and who are often being violent. Yes most mentally ill people don’t get violent but they police aren’t called on them.

There are more white people in the country. However white males commit severe violent crimes at a much lower rate than black males. Despite only being about 7% of the population black males are over 50% of those committing murder and robberies. If you think the numbers are skewed somehow by racist cops only arresting black people, then consider that blacks make up a similar % of the victims of homicide and well over 90% of murders tend to occur where supsect / victim are of the same race.

So if your arguing its not enough you have to consider crime rates by race. If your saying its too many then consider than hispanics are lumped in with whites in crime states since “hispanic” is not actually a race, rather its an ethnicity, as they are caucasian from a racial standpoint.

Well, that wasn’t very smart.

Libs are furious that black people are succeeding and leaving the progressives. Libs NEED to convince black people that they are at risk if so called progressives are not elected. So… what to do? What to do?

Ahhhh… yes…MAKE THAT CLAIM… “harrumph…hsrrumph… I’m outraged. Black babies being shot like animals by PO leeece. Vote for libs. Vote for libs. We will protect you.”

Since black people are getting pretty sick of this charade, libs are looking for new “victims”. What’s this? Ohhhhh… that Mexican border with all those unskilled and uneducated people. Libs lovin them illegals… teaching them from day one that 1) they are victims, and 2) gubmint will care for them. Just vote progressive!

20 unarmed…the rest were armed.

Context is your friend.

Keep in mind this is out of in excess of 12 million arrests police conduct yearly, and this is why I said last year BLM is full of it.

And no, I didn’t vote for Trump, and I do believe there are rogue cops, and incidences of racism…it’s just not nearly as rampant as BLM would have you believe.

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When was the last time you were pulled over for being white?
Or followed in a retail store by obvious security or employees for simply shopping?
Or when walk down the street, people cross to the other side, for no apparent reason?
Did you get the talk form you parents when you were about 12 or so. Not about the birds and the bees, but what not to do in public to ensure your safety? (things like don’t run in your own neighborhood, especially at night)
Have the police been called on you for going to the public swimming pool, being questioned if you really live in the neighborhood.
Has the police been called on you for having a van in front of your own own house, when you were moving your own furniture?

BLM may have some unsavory characters among them, who have said some stupid things, but they are carrying on the same message as MLK was (long after his I have a dream speech).

Just as you are carrying on like the folks back in the 60’s who said MLK was an agitator, thug and needed to go away.



Too bad it likely fell on blind eyes.

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Sad, but true.

Where does Tamir Rice fall in your little numbers game?

How about police punching 14 year old girls? Is that a problem?

The video – posted to Instagram on Friday – shows a girl being held down by two officers, one man and one woman. The male officer hits the girl in the side twice as he holds her shorts.

My God… 14… just a child

Is that the same 14 year old?

Some people have the mentality that “if it doesn’t happen to them directly, it doesn’t happen.” They have their head in the sand and there is nothing you can do to get them to understand.