Black lives dont matter

Will the truth surrounding this extortion scam ever be told?

To think of the millions of corporate and individual dollars this scum pilfered. And yet black Americans that comprise 13% of the population have the highest rate of violent deaths.

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Its not a surprise blm wants to be so secretive about finances when people are buying 6 million dollar homes.

Such a ponzi scheme

And BLM doesn’t care unless the death is at the hands of a white police officer.


I love threads like these…very revealing.

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What does it reveal to you?

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You’d think with that kind of money they’d have hired an attorney and a CPA.

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A grift you say! :rofl:

That any of us who have problems with corrupt organizations are racists.

Everyone should reevaluate their support of BLM. Grifting money out of good people for a cause to support corruption at the highest levels is despicable.


Why? Aside from the usual crime statistics nonsense, there is very little doubt left that there is grifting going on in BLM. That’s not new for any movement though.


Nah in this case it’s a matter of a stopped clock being right twice a day.

No question in my mind the national leadership of BLM is full of crooks and grifters.

Even many of the more local leaders believe that.

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I ve been arguing that since the George Floyd riots…

The response was always something like “you just are mad because they aren’t conducting their business in the public sphere the way you want them to…racist. These are noble people fighting for truth…bigot”.

(I might have embellished just a little for dramatic effect but…bit much!)


Historically, similar accusations were thrown at every movement for Civil rights for black Americans, including MLK.

I am not saying BLM are squeaky clean, and there may be some taking advantage of the situation. But I do not think the national leadership of BLM is full of crooks and grifters.

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BLM leadership has glorified Fidel Castro’s police state since its inception. That’s the opposite of supporting civil rights and calls into question the type of change they’re actually seeking as an organization. The national leadership is currently under investigation by several states, including those under Democratic Party leadership. These things are factual, and it’s not a racist dog whistle to probe for corruption.

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I know this is true.

I also know that this time there happens to be a lot of truth to the accusations.

I know some if is true to…But I disagree with the characterization that the national leadership of BLM is full of crooks and grifters, is hyperbolic.

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Yes, indulge us please. What have you revealed?

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We could shift the focus to the BLM leaders that openly advocate for violence, but then we’d all go down the “they’re not true BLM” rabbit hole for the thousandth time.


What’s nonsensical about the crime stats?

It’s not relevant to blm being replete with grifters