Black BLM Activist Murders White Cop

It’s all over the news surely you heard

Perp is black btw. “news” wont tell you that though. probably because it’s “racist”

At least fox news dared to cover it. sort of

Oh also perp is BLM activist.

time to defund BLM I guess

Yeah, barely covered… I mean, this is all I got on the first two pages of results:

Barely anywhere it seems… :roll_eyes:

On a serious note, horrible situation indeed.

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I did hear. Obviously that dude is charged with murder and is going away for a long time.

RIP to the slain officer.

They should be deemed a terrorist organization.


OP is not arguing that the story went unreported, but that the fact the shooter is black wasn’t mentioned in those reports.


Interpreted that totally differently initially, but can understand that now after re-reading.


Be interesting to see BLM’s response.

They are a marxist organization that unfortunately has been given legitimacy by liberal politicians and together have promoted utter hatred and disdain for all police.

There are apologists for BLM right here in this forum.
But they will say the Amish or the Norwegians killed the cop before they admit BLM did it.

i wonder if there will be a 3 day long funeral for him

I don’t think they can explain all of this away.

The movement is tainted beyond repair.

Like most groups of its type, it began with noble intentions. It’s devolved into something entirely different now.

Burned out cities, dead cops, racial hostility.

That is the legacy of Black Lives Matter.

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They’re not politically astute enough to be Marxists.

Marxists demand competency and put a focus on their appearance in the societies they infiltrate. The Vanguard maintains firm control over the party and make sure that things go according to plans made years in advance.

BLM are incompetent political neophytes. Which is why they leave random destruction in their wake.

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here’s a t-shirt idea.

“i can’t breathe” - Jonathan Shoop

how pathetic. cnn said as little as possible

if they were really news, they would post this picture. it might even be enough of a surprise to make rioting murdering “peaceful protesters” stop for a second before popping off young moms for saying “all lives matter“

i wonder if officer ever pointed a gun at a pregnant woman’s baby while his thug buddies robbed the joint. you know, right after beating the ■■■■ out of her. like scumbag Floyd did

if so maybe leftist idiots like pelosi and bumbling codger biden would take a knee for him too.

btw i needed to change the title

wanted to show journalists what it’s like to be a journalist

can’t wait

< checks their website >

hmmm. nothing yet

You seem very moved with your eloquent words regarding this young officer’s murder.
Do you wish to attend the funeral? I can let you know when and where.

acid in the face of narrative leftists

look how they avoid this thread.

not about me

topic pls