Black BLM Activist Murders White Cop

OK I’ll make it about me.
You know what feels like acid in my face?
The words in the OP and subsequent posts that piss on the memory of this young man and his family.

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BLM didn’t care when one of their supporters murdered 5 Dallas cops 5 years ago, who ironically were out protecting BLM protesters, and two Louisiana cops two weeks later. They didn’t care when one of their supporters murdered two NYPD cops. Why would they care now?


wonder whose memory these facecrook pics also piss on.,

what’s amazing is, if the young officer shot him in self defense, say (he’s obviously dangerous looking), this perp would be another democrat hero

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good point

This dummy needs to be thrown under the jail.

Also, why is this pinned on BLM? Because he had an layover image on his Facebook page?!


He is an El Paso supporter… I wonder what the El Paso mayor will say about this.

Was he wearing Nikes? I wonder what the Nike CEO has to say about this.

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BLM supported the murder of a Dallas cop? I haven’t heard of that

Your posts are like self-fulfilling prophecies.

You make passive aggressive threats and wonder why “they” avoid talking to you? I’d say apply Occum’s razor but you probably think you have already.

I read the entire first officer. No mention of the perp’s race or BLM affiliations.

Did I miss something?

He never said any such thing. Why do you insist on such misrepresentations?

Deadliest day in the history of DPD. When will BLM march for the black officers killed and wounded while protecting them as they were protesting killings in La?

You said “one of their supporters” as if that meant the person murdered on behalf of BLM

“Before dying, the police chief said, the suspect told officers he was upset about recent shootings and wanted to kill whites, “especially white officers.” The man also stated that he acted alone and was not affiliated with any groups, Brown said.“

No I didn’t, learn to follow the conversation.

You have now misrepresented what TW said and what I said in two successive posts.

Stop doing that.

“Brown Said”… :joy: :smiley: :joy:

Just a few bad apples…That reasoning works for the Right.

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What ever happens, I sure hope there isn’t a video of this murder. If so, it could lead to violence, riots, arson, looting, rape and potentially…more murders? What color was the cop again? Oh wait…

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It’s pretty well open season on cops now regardless of their race.

i didnt pin this on blm

i make no such “threats”


Because BLM is held to an unobtainable standard to discredit them.

Some guy who likes BLM killed a cop.

If they have 5 minutes to spare, BLM should, at the very most, put out a sterile useless statement like the Fraternal order of Police did in response to Floyd. Then move on with their mission.

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