Black armed security guard killed by police while

…subduing a shooter.

Jemel Roberson, 26, was working early Sunday at Manny’s Blue Room ― a bar in the predominantly black Chicago suburb of Robbins, Illinois ― when a patron who was part of a drunken group that had been kicked out returned with a gun at 4 a.m. and opened fire, according to the Chicago Sun-Times. Several people were shot.

Roberson, who was armed at the time, grabbed one of the men, held him down and waited for police, according to witnesses.

“He had somebody on the ground with his knee in back, with his gun in his back like, ‘Don’t move,’” Adam Harris told WGN-TV.

But witnesses said Roberson became the victim as soon as police arrived. A responding officer with the Midlothian Police Department immediately shot Roberson, who later died at a hospital.


So, imagine, when people tell you “gosh, we just need MORE people armed to stop shootings…”…this could have been any good guy with a gun.

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Basically… drunk idiot asked to leave bar. Comes back with gun. Starts to shoot up the place. Armed Security returns fire and apprehends. Police show up and shoot Armed Security.

Damned if you do… Damned if you don’t.

These things happen.

Cops get put into situations where they have to use their best judgement.

9 times out of 10, when they encounter a similar situation the use of force could be justified.

Oh, you mean the exact situation we said would be inevitable, only to be mocked by keyboard Rambos who think more guns are the solution to every problem?

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Yep… You got the point.

If we are going to make having more guns everywhere to part of the solution… and that is apparently the solution that this country is going with… then it doesn’t make any sense to have no training on both sides of the equation, the police and the citizenry of how to avoid the good guy getting shot.

I thought that they would never get confused if there were multiple people with guns. I guess that old talking point just went out the window.

Nobody is going care. He looks like he could be the shooter.

What was the cop supposed to do?

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Well no we now need a 4th man with a gun to stop the cop with a gun who stopped the good guy with the gun who stooped the bad guy with a gun.


Sounds like actual NRA logic there. LOL.

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seems about right.


One would think that a good guy with a gun getting shot by the police would be a bigger deal.

i dont believe this story

He was supposed to order the man to drop the gun, not to shoot first and ask questions later.

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Yeah. Isn’t it odd that a poorly trained officer in liberal untopiaville is somehow a problem for gun owners.

There are also some of us ardent gun rights supporters who have preached that if you pull out a gun in a situation like the bar, you better be damn sure you know you have a target on your back from multiple people (bad guy, others good Samaritans with guns, and cops).

I freaked out a person who know’s I’m armed most of the time. They joked that if anything went “down” while they were with me, they knew I’d take care of the bad guy. I looked at them and said unless the guy is within 10 feet of me, or I’m in danger of being shot that very moment – the only thing I’m going to do is find the closest, safest place to shelter in place and protect myself as a last resort.

The other thing, is if you’ve pulled a gun out, better make damn sure you don’t put it back in your pocket. Some is going to see it and point you out to the cops with “I think he was involved, I saw him put a gun in his pocket!”

It’s a sad deal. But it’s a risk anyone with a gun takes . . . from officer to armed securty guard (plain clothes as this guy apparently was), to concealed carry holder.

So, ‘good guy with a gun’ is a strategy fraught with complications and added danger.

Reasonable logic - so then the ‘if only there were MORE guns…’ argument is kind of silly, right?