Birx Now Says Safe To Vote In Person

Maybe not as safe as protesting poll voting in a giant mob, but safe as Starbucks

“If you go into Starbucks in the middle of Texas and Alabama and Mississippi that have very high case rates, then I can’t say that it would be different waiting in line in the polls,” Birx said.“

Another nail in the coffin of the need for wholesale ballots cheating scheme narrative the dems are desperate for

yes, yes Birx says wear your mask and social distance etc…

But otherwise no less safe than getting your $6 ■■■■■■ lefty lulu coffees

(now go scour the internet to see what she really said lol. )

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if States want mail in voting that their choice not federal governments.


this isnt about federalism.

derail elsewhere

cool its safe to vote in person.
doesn’t make the expansion of mail in voting null and void.

thank you no but it makes it unnecessaey

I don’t mind going to a Starbucks and actually have been going to my gym since they reopened. But I’m not nor do I live with anyone in a high-risk group.

We need to make sure that those of old age/with compromised immune system have a safe option to vote.


that is up to the States.

no argument here

Yes. And they need to pay for any additional costs it incurs and are responsible for any resulting problems.

Yes that is what they pay taxes for, Maybe the Federal government should property use the money they collect.

So far isn’t it only California that has had a executive order to send out mail-in ballots to every voter? And all the other states have not changed their rules for mail-in ballots?
Trump and the Republicans keep referring to “universal mail-in voting”. As far as I can see it, there is not such thing. So other then California (which Trump would never win anyway) it appears that this election will be just like ones in the past. Yes, the number of absentee voters might be up. But as Trump said, there isn’t a issue with absentee ballots. Or am I missing something here?

where did trump say there isnt an issue with absentees?

Google it. There are a lot of articles with his quotes.

i might not hit on the one you are referring to

Before you implement a new method of voting, you should have the sense to see whether the systems involved will support it. And you should start looking into it before you make any changes.

I am not just referring to one. There are many.
And since no states (other then California) changed their mail-in voting laws I say that there is no such thing as “corrupt” mail-in voting. Trump is just doing what he did in the last election. He is setting it up so if he loses the election he will have a argument on why he lost. And I believe that he thinks that he has the power to deem the election void and stay in office. The man has proven multiple times that he does not have any comprehension of the limits of his office.

as long as hanging chad refuses to wear a mask, it can’t be safe to vote…


Give me time to have a couple more drinks and I will come up with a joke about that.

i think rather he knows the games democrats play with ballots and is calling attention to a fraud prone scheme

What games? What has been done in the past that was wide-spread or had any significant numbers to sway a election? There is no evidence of mail-in voter fraud. Trump is the one who is going to have to cheat to win this election.