Bipartisanship in the senate

88 to 11 the senate votes to protect China. Well not exactly, they voted to have some say so in trade policy. They would not do that in immigration policy. perhaps they go hand in hand. Open borders in immigration and trade serve the corporations well.

Bipartisan support of corporate interests. Corporations bringing the parties together. Who said the business of America is business.

Trump went out on a limb when he choose to invoke national security to justify tariffs. While it sends a message to the WH it will be interesting to see if they take it farther. It has been rumored that the WTC will take action and deem the tariffs illegal. Trump has already stated that he might cut ties with the WTO which I think is the brainchild of Steve Bannon.

I am a free trader and work in the steel business, heavily impacted by section 232 and bad for any consumer of steel products in America. That is why fabrication (jobs) are moving offshore.
On the other hand we have an 800 billion dollar trade deficit and are 20 trillion in debt. I have been to China many times and have seen firsthand what our good old boy corporate welfare club in Washington has done.
For many years the Democrats ran on tariffs and protection. Clinton did Nafta and started the process of admitting China to the WTO. Knowing full well the policies of the Chinese government.
I find it odd that Dems and Rinos stand together to protect corporate interests in military and trade policy just to resist Trump.

Yeah slapping tariffs on Canada as a national security threat was a joke.

21 trillion of debts is because people don’t want cuts and do not want to pay.

So they vote the folks that tell them they can have something for nothing like Trump did.

Actually, the destruction of manufacturing enterprises does threaten national security. That is why industrial complexes have been bombed during wars. While I acknowledge it does seem strange to place tariffs on allies for national security purposes. It is more strange that the senate voted on a bipartisan basis for anything. So the question arises, whose interests are they serving that would bring them together?

The American people as a whole?

That is the role of he senate…as they should have a say.

They should write a treaty. That’s how they influence.

Their bipartisan interest is reasserting themselves as one of the three coequal branches of government.

so, you think the senate serves the interest of the American people on a bipartisan basis.? do you think there should be any tariffs at all? what if the end result of Trumps actions deliver zero tariffs both ways?

why not on border issues?

The issue is that for years the senate has been a focal point of partisanship. why would they come together on only this issue

Because the same special interest owns both parties.

The problem is Trump’s actions are not putting people in the mood to negotiate.

Trump like his base are ignorant. For instance Trump’s complaint about the Canadian dairy system and complaints about TPP. TPP actually had language to open up the Canadian market to more foreign dairy.

manufacturing unions chased manufacturing out of the country

the trade deficit is 800 billion plus per year. it would appear that every other nation benefits from trading with the United States. Perhaps there is more going on than meets the eye. Hence a bipartisan vote. what else do the parties agree upon?

The pro union democratic party is all of the sudden for free trade and open borders. Tax policy drove capital investment overseas much more than unions.

To push back against Trump trying to accrue more power to the Executive.

and when it came to families at the border, they gave him the power and refused to act.

If you beliee that, then what do you think about higher minimum wages and the impact on automation in low skilled jobs.