Bipartisanship in the senate

Then why is German manufacturing so strong with it’s heavily unionized manufacturing industries?

Likely the most accurate reply.

So, no answer to Germany’s successful ability to keep it’s industrial unions. :wink:

apples and oranges

How so?

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good question, why don’t you look at auto production in Germany being half of what it is in the US, answer why German companies build plants in the USA, explain the tariffs on imports going into germany, how many man hours per car in various countries, and total employment over time in Germany. Also look at taxes and depreciation in Germany versus other countries.

Why don’t you do it, if you think it’s important.

I did not offer the comparison, you did. Therefore I assume you can provide foundation, if you cannot then you just have an empty opinion. perhaps you can tell us why non European manufacturers have such a small market share.

So it wasn’t important after all. :wink: