Bill Nye Perfectly Embodies Leftist Climate Change Attitude

by being a big foul condescending ass

Much like people in our government.

i cant link his little video stunt because of his language. please do simple search. Language is Tlaib-bad. so beware

This is very disappointing. He once did good work in teaching kids science.

But the left ruined that, like they do everything

Does anyone think this was actually meant to jolt people into action, or was it merely a rage against people who don’t join the cult?

Parents can always just find science teaching sources that don’t agree with climate change. I’m sure there are a lot to choose from.


it would be ok with me if they just learn science this way they will know how to consider such nonsense

Like Trump?

Again, like Trump?

Does he say “ass”? If he were Democrat President, that would be worthy of impeachment.

He still does.

The left ruined what?

Nah, its one guy. I don’t listen to Bill Nye. Some people do, most don’t.
Just like when Ted Nugent spewed his racist crap. Some people listened, most don’t.

this has nothing to do with ted nugent, trump, or race

how do you know how many “listen” to him or not? do you mean “believe” him?

I’m assuming you’re talking about Bill Nye’s short segment on the John Oliver show where John Oliver was discussing the Green New Deal, carbon tax, and cap and trade policies. I’m not sure why you find the f word offensive here as it was obviously being used on the John Oliver show in a comedic context. This wasn’t on public television. It was on a premium cable tv show. I also doubt there were many kids exposed to it. The audience for John Oliver tends to be adults. I’ll also add that while I do not agree with most of the Climate Change garbage being pushed, Oliver made some very good points. But hey, don’t let any of that get in the way of being butthurt over Mr. Nye exercising a little free speech I guess.



I thought it was Hilarious seeing Bill Nye cuss! You do realize his show is on HBO?

I heard the other version had full frontal nudity… but they decided that went too far… even for HBO.

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Your upset that a dude in bowtie said a bad word?

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if you dont want to seriously address the topic you can just not post. ; )

just a suggestion

i dont object to his ability to say whatever he wants. i object to what he says

see the difference?

I think I may have known at one time that chimps cursed too…but it was fun to learn it all over again.

At any rate, for some serious discussion on the BENEFITS of profanity…I give you this article that I’m sure the OPer will not read, because abhorrence of profanity coming out of the mouth of a liberal is obviously visceral with him.

But everyone else… enjoy!

You spent most of your OP complaining that he swears, and that he is “a big foul condescending ass”.

Why cannot people discuss what you wrote in the OP?


BTW you are allowed to link the video. You simply need to give appropriate warnings.

that would be a change from what happened last time i did even though i added warnings and took three days off

has there been a change in policy?


That’s kind of silly…the policy I quoted was what was in force at the old site.

I personally thought the bit was ■■■■■■■ funny.

The OP does know that this was a comedy show? Right?

That the joke that was that a normally mild mannered science popularizer setting a globe on fire and launching into a litany of swear words was the entire point of the bit?


Do we have to have a class on comedic theory?


So, Bill Nye swears to make a point, and you’re made at her for swearing?..

Nailed it. :point_up:

Too bad Billy isn’t a scientist at all, he’s a mechanical engineer using simple science experiments (you can buy the kits on Amazon or do it yourself at home) to razzle dazzle children on TV! :roll_eyes:

He is as left wing loony as they come and an environMENTAL nut-job :crazy_face: