Bill Barr quits

just posted by trump on twitter

Ink on the Electoral College votes hasn’t even dried. Interesting timing. Hoping Trump isn’t planning on Rosen doing something completely insane.

i think trumps just trying to push the EC vote off the headlines

Bill Barr: You cant declare martial law while i am AG…

Good move.

Quits? Idk about that.

He resigned. Left on good terms. Good move.


Look over there >>>> :roll_eyes:

Most likely it was . “Resign or you’re fired”…Went out with a nice ego stroking love letter to Trump too.

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Time to explore other option$

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Maybe there is precedent or some compelling reason, but the AG resigning 28 days before the end of a Presidential term seems unusual.

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That doesn’t sound like the kind of letter Bill Barr would write. Too fawning.

In about 35 days, the rest of them will have to resign or be fired. :smile:

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Now Bill Barr will be accepted in the cool group

So what did he want Barr to do that even Barr was uncomfortable with?

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My husband and I have bern laughing for the past 15 minutes. We’re dying here…lol!

That letter is some wild North Korea style Dear Leader praise.



Something to stop what happened today.

There’s medication for that.