Bill Barr Hearing on Capitol Hill

Live on various networks, Attorney General William Barr is testifying on the Mueller Report.

Based on earlier testimony today, AG Barr is being asked 2 different kinds of questions.
Republicans are focused on Hillary Clinton.
Democrats are focusing on Robert Mueller’s letter disagreeing with Barr’s summary of the report.

That’s why Republican media is so critical. If you can talk about one person being the devil for 30 years, and then bad stuff ends up happening to your own team, you can always fall back on the person you have crucified. And the base eats it up.

Very, very smart.

Lindsay Graham stated in his opening statements that he had read “most” of the report. Then claimed, according to him, that the issue is over.

I wish in my line of work I could read most of a report and make a definitive conclusion.


So top Republican politicians haven’t read the entire report, a bunch of Republican voters haven’t read it at all, and they’re all qualified to say it’s nothing.

Yeah, that make sense.

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This is where we are in American politics.

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Trump certainly found an AG willing be to be his personal attorney.

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It’s the mafia.

Barr is acting like Nixon’s AG and hopefully will end up in jail like Nixon’s AG.


I haven’t been watching the proceedings, but Rush spent a solid hour bashing, trashing, mocking, belittling, deriding, and whipping up hate toward Robert Mueller, so I assumed that was a diversion from the hearing. Probably meant for one listener in particular.


Letting go can be very difficult.

Everyone has my support and a hearty encouragement to look forward instead of behind.


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They’re still talking about Hillary.


Lying on the record.

Democrats are insisting that Robert Mueller testify.

Not technically a crime. :rofl:

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My takeaway from this hearing is that the Republican party has become a party of Trump buttkissers. They’re still talking about Hillary, spying and text messages… just sad.

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Never go full Alt Lib, the walk back is long.
Many never return

Looking good so far.
I want to hear about Hillary.
There lyes a butload of corruption. The SC will have easy go at that one.

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It is, as long as you get Trump buttkissers like Josh Hawley sucking up to Bill Barr.

Barr outright lied to Lindsay Graham but Graham just ate it up.

Here’s the question and response:

Graham: “Did you have a problem with the way Comey handled the Clinton email investigation?”

BarrL “Yes, I said so at the time,” Barr responded.

But on Oct. 31, 2016, Barr published an op-ed in the Washington Post titled “James Comey Did the Right Thing.”

That is the Attorney General of the United States committing perjury while testifying under oath at a Senate hearing. Is there any reason for this man to remain in a position of pubic trust?


Well…you win some and you lose some.
Media was but kissing for 2 years the wrong people which is NOT in their job description, so now it’s time for butkissing on the other side to do some good.