Big tech regulation?

Sounds like there is bipartisan support for something here, and listening to some of the whistle blower testimony, I think I agree at this point…but…

Can we trust congress with this?

Do these guys even know what Instagram is? Or an algorithm?

I’m dubious…

Should it fall under the FCC? Are they competent?

And what should these regulations look like? How do you regulate a company that profits from getting kids addicted to screen time? And gathering every bit of personal information about users who log in for free?

What does that look like?

We can all agree it’s bad. But I don’t even know what reasonable regulation would look like.

The algorithms are all designed around giving you more related content to what you previously engaged with. Are we going to tell tech companies to stop that?

They do not.


What exactly would one regulate?

I don’t know.

So some on the revelations were, facebook was fully aware how addictive and often emotionally damaging their algorithms aren’t to teen age girls, but they employee them anyway because they are extremely profitable and valuable to advertisers…

If we assume we don’t want addictive and emotionally harmful algorithms applied to teenagers feeds, then…

How do you regulate their use?

It’s pretty hard to wrap your head around that.

it’s just a wag the dog to have even more censorship on line. I remember when the left thought free speech was a good idea.


Honestly, in a world of “alternative facts” it’s probably too late. Pandora is out of the box. :unamused:

Real data privacy laws would be a good start.


Social media didn’t make people like this. It just made them easy to hear.

We have big tech regulation. They are protected by section 230. End it… End the pat act.

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Very true Tommy, being able to be heard by the masses sped up the process. That is why Trumpmisxso desperate to get back in the action.

This chick is fake news. She’s probably hired by Facebook or Soros. It’s being reported she worked on the facebook team that suppressed the Hunter Biden Laptop.

Remember how the dem media lied and said the laptop was fake and most of the dems believed them as usual? And now look like fools again… LMAO! Wuhan Lab stuff… must be 1000 fake news stories by now…


That’s my issue as well. Facebook is just super good a giving you things you want to see. Just like YouTube.

Can the gov tell Facebook to stop doing that? What about other forms of advertisement?

Worst phrase in American English.

Word is getting out that maybe regulating social media is a bad idea for you guys, huh.

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They are starting to realize it…slowly but surely.


(Whistleblower comes out)



I hasn’t always been this way. Maybe that is the problem?

Good place to start would be to bust the Facebook monopoly. The only competition they have is outside of the U.S. Facebook has bought all the competition from Instagram to Whatsapp one of the biggest forms of a monopoly I have seen in my life time. The Federal Trade Commission labeled them a monopoly since 2012.

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Busting them up now won’t solve the problem. They will still own too many eyeballs.

It’s good to see people waking up to what’s been going on around them for a long time now but this is only the tip of the iceberg.

I think it’s pretty easy, just make FaceTwitInstaWhat, any comments section of a news site, and any political discussion boards run their algorithms and data through the NSA.

It’s a two-fer:

#1 That way CentGov can exercise control over private industry to insure that social media companies operating as a private business cannot ban any type of speech under the First Amendment.

#2 Because all the traffic will go through the NSA, law enforcement will be able to pounce on any social media platform (FaceTwitInstaWhat, comments section, or political discussion board) for censorship.

It’s a win/win.