Big tech regulation?

I disagree. It has always been this way. We end up getting screwed every time they agree.

I know you despise centgov, but the gridlock we have now isn’t helping anyone.

Government isn’t helpful to anyone.

Roads, bridges, police, firemen, military…never mind.


Interesting to see how this plays out with conservatives. Im guessing on the side of no regulation. Hype/hate/conspiracy algorithms have worked well for them.

Fascism and colonization

Give users complete ownership of their personal data .
Make it illegal for anyone to request users to allow the mining of any of their personal data and online history.
Make it illegal to offer services whose use requires access to any of the users on-line history.
Make it illegal for platforms to create profiles of their users beyond the minimum data required to connect to and use the service.

Well this sounds like things Elizabeth Warren would say. I agree!

These two statements are contrary to each other.

If individuals have complete ownership of their personal data, doesn’t that mean they can choose to give it to social media sites?

But what if people want those services?

They are not contradictory. You own your body. Should I be allowed to ask you to sell your body parts to me? Would it be a good thing if people could sell their body parts to private hospitals and research institutes?

Honestly, this is why I don’t trust congress to handle this.

These are nuanced and new concepts to consider.

Seems like Parler and Getr must be making some inroads for the so called whistleblower to ask her D brethren for help.

The admission that face book was manipulated to hurt Trump campaign should play well for his lawsuit…no discovery needed.

Democrats desperately need to co op the tech platforms since they can’t compete on talk radio.

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…cept their own pockets.

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The truth is Facebook’s business model is one of addiction and exploitation. But people love it!!

It’s like cigarettes in a way.

They already have this… especially in the UK under GDPR.

This happens only by choice of the individual. Facebook itself doesn’t not sell PII data.

I don’t understand this. What services do this today without consent?

But what is the user chooses to allow this?

Not everything people want and choose without full disclosure is good for them.

It’s all disclosed in the TOS.

What if they get full disclosure, are you ok with it then?

How would anyone know whether big tech is explaining fully and truthfully all the uses, and the potential hazards to me, that they, and second and third parties are making of collected data about me? No, I don’t think big tech can be trusted to use our data responsibly.

Yeah, well, again, these are the nuances that make it tough.

I, for one, like it when web sites I frequent save my personal history and information and curate content to make my time more efficient - talking about research and purchasing here, both personal and professional.

But, I don’t like my social media feeds being manipulated using my personal history and information.

So…what to do? Is it on me to edit each sites presences to my liking?

What about for kids under 18?

Tough questions.