Big Stacey Has A Point

“Let me contextualize,” she said. “When you’re No. 48 for mental health, when we’re No. 1 for maternal mortality, when you have an incarceration rate that’s on the rise and wages that are on the decline, then you are not the No. 1 place to live.”

Truth. Hood message.

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i agree with her, georgia pretty much sucks. she ain’t the solution

Probably not, but truth is a ballsy move.

From Wisconsin. Ballsy indeed.

My dad’s family all live in Georgia, always have.

They disagree with that statement.

While Stacy Abrams made some valid points with regards to mental health care in particular, in reading the article, how does whose in office relate to HIV positive rate? HIV/AIDS are transmitted by sex and sharing needles.

How is it whose in office affects such factors for maternal mortality as these?

I find it hypocritical she thinks it sucks, yet owns two houses there. While she makes some valid points, what solutions is she offering to Georgia’s problems?

Good question. I bet there are government policies that could help in areas like, say, mental health, but I certainly don’t have that expertise and have no idea if Stacey’s proposals would be effective (or even what they are, but surely she has some?)

As with most things, im sure everyone agrees the problem needs more money. The rub is how to spend it in a way that will actually make a difference.

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Sorry, but there are good and bad places to live in each state.

Big Stacey has an angle.

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I suspect a better strategy for this candidate would be to pick one issue where she really may be able to make a difference—for example, improving access to mental health care—and run on that.

Okay not all things, but definitely public health things, and especially mental health things. Things cost money.

Here ya’ go.

They could start by expanding Medicaid.

“…need to create a pathway to citizenship for individuals who are in this country.”

So after the Biden period of open borders grant citizenship based on being in the country.


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Okay. You probably shouldn’t vote for her then

Yep…here ya’ go.

If Soros is for her, all of us should be against her. George is one evil man, that hates God and is doing everything in his evil heart to ruin anything good that crosses his path. Stacey is a pawn to do his bidding.


With Fat Stacy running they better keep an eagle eye on those drop boxes.

Better yet outlaw drop boxes.


Drop boxes are synonymous with cheating.

At least the post office has some checks and balances…

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Exactly. The whole excuse for the drop boxes was the pandemic.

There’s no excuse at all now. Except to cheat of course.


Two months of early voting to community organize the marginal participants and incapacitated.

You would think a couple extra days would be enough.

Mules are just not efficient.

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According to what i saw on the documentary the mules actually are pretty efficient.

Those drop boxes have to go if we are to have elections we have confidence in again.

Back to absentee ballots for some and in person voting with ID for the rest.