Big News in the WOT but virtual silence in the media

5 Key Isis leaders captured in a joint US/Iraqi operation this week including one of Al Baghdadi’s top lieutenants

To their credit, CBS gave the story all of 2:35 once on the evening news.

Stormy Daniels on the other hand is a constant feature on most of the national newscasts.

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This story is on every major news website.

Do you understand the term “National Newscast”?

how do you know what is on every national news network at all times? do you have multiple TV set up in your living room or something.

How about just once you give us a straight answer?

Do you understand what a “National Newscast” is?

Loved the Fox News jerk who was trying to school the “failing New York Times” on Friday for not having covering the capture of those ISIS members as he flipped through the Friday NYT. The thing is the Times had an article on the capture in their Wednesday edition.



Perhaps the reason this capture is not getting the coverage the war mongers are expecting is that it is essentially meaningless. There are no doubt already 5 new ISIS members taking their place.

We invaded and have occupied Afghanistan going on nearly two decades. To what end? We see things really haven’t changed. We see more and more death and destruction in the middle east.

We see Iraq’s longing for the Saddam days.

We see America in a Syria quagmire.

Sorry, but America, in general, has WOT burnout.

They are rapidly running out of replacements.

I somehow doubt anyone in Iraq other than a few leftover survivors from his regime miss Saddam other than some of the Sunni minority.

Not exactly a surprise, most of the leftover surviving Nazi’s missed Hitler after his demise just like many of the loyalists among the American colonies longed for the days or King George after we kicked the Brits out.

Well, to be honest, I would not have cared if I saw it. 5 Mohammads in a desert somewhere is less interesting than the Cohen drama, let’s be real.

Great news and another huge blow to ISIS.

It’s been interesting to discover that Cohen’s being the lawyer for the ATT&T/Time Warner merger didn’t positively influence the President’s decision? That’s a story I’m not hearing much about either.

I certainly hope so! Again this is good news.

I do recall similar news under Obama and hearing the exact same responses in reverse. Then it was conservatives saying the deaths of leaders would just be replaced easily.

It is disappointing to see some libs here not embracing this as good news. Let’s try and be consistent guys. There can be good news under Trump.

I don’t think that they don’t see it as good news-just that they’re disagreed with the idea that it hasn’t been covered just because it wasn’t specifically covered under the specific conditions MRC would like for them to be.

No you didn’t. Don’t make stuff like that up.

It was only covered by one of the three major networks and even there only very briefly.

They however never miss a chance to run stories, true or not, that reflect negatively on the current administration.

That is media malpractice.

In spite of all of the good news since election day 90% of the coverage of this administration is negative and that’s nothing but blatant bias.

It was covered by all the major networks. You’re trying to make a major issue because they didn’t cover it in the WR approved time slots and lengths.


An excellent point Borgia. This is great news. I will be incredibly happy when ISIL is eradicated. I’ve followed the counter ISIL campaign since the beginning and it’s great to see them reduced to so little influence over the years. Can’t wait for SDF to take Hajin and hopefully Baghdadi(if he’s still alive). Did not really like the president’s tweet though. Tweets are a horrible way to convey accurate information. Think the president was trying to trick his followers into thinking the actual top five ISIL leaders were taken. Not true. But five of the top ISIL leaders were taken and that’s great. However, this thread was started in an attempt to claim this good story wasn’t being covered enough. For political reasons. I take issue with this because since 2015 I’ve tried to inform people on the previous forum and this one of the success and failure(but they were mostly success) of the counter ISIL campaign because it’s never been covered in any meaningful way in the media. All of the mainstream media. Very few people in this country have followed it. But to hear a complaint from the OP about it is frustrating because he denies the successes against ISIL that took place under the Obama administration. To him it all happened under Trump. So he wants to tout this and bitch. When ISIL leaders were taken out under Obama he didn’t care. It should be broadcast more, but it’s no different than the past. Where was the coverage when we took Ain Issa or Tel Abyad? Major victories. When ISIL lost an army trying to take Hasakah where was the coverage? There are scores of major victories that got no coverage whatsoever. We can add this to the list. CBS doing that amount of coverage is actually awesome. Would have been nice in 2015 2016.


The didn’t cover it at all on their national newscasts until it was pointed out that they were not the next day.