Biden's squinting eyes

Lol maybe because he’s super old.

You’d think people on this forum would be able to sympathize.


Wait this one was better because these questions would sure be difficult to commit to memory.

This is fun!


PS the added touch of having “45” on his sleeves is even better.

So he can remember which President he is?

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He also has blue eyes…people with blue eyes are more sensitive to light to begin with.

But nah we must dig deeper…:rofl:

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The Terran Empire completely collapsed??

He’s an idiot, and he makes his scruchy-faced squint eyed mumble mania dip ■■■■ tery look to try and get himself back on the normal track, which is simply dimocrat asshattery mixed with nonstop lying and victimhood.

It’s Friday make as many bash Biden threads as you can contest.


J’Biden squints because he’s an old fart that is confused most of the time and is looking for the cue card to read some dumb ass ■■■■ his monkey handlers wrote for him.


Everybody knows it. But not everybody will admit it. The man is not allowed to be left alone with the press unsupervised. He’s dumb and getting dumber by the day. He’s not going to snap out of this. It will only get worse.

Clint Eastwood has never looked that blank before. Even Squinting Biden looks blank or in a daze.

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Sad but true.

Don’t you remember Clint pulling out his cue card and reading “Do you feel lucky punk?”


No I missed that one. :rofl:

Clint squints his eyes cuz he’s an actor.

So does Joe.

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At least could provide a bidenspain for the squinting for those interested.

Maybe there was too much sunlight.

Just a thought.


I need to go back to the meme-ing thread.

It was stellar yesterday.

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Maybe he can do the sidelong glance thing that David Caruso made his hallmark when he was on CSI Miami.

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Will the leaders of our adversarial nations sympathize?

J’Biden isn’t an actor, he’s a lying plagiarizing fake, phony, fraud and a cement head.