Biden's squinting eyes

sorry if this was covered before .

Why is Biden squinting now… like he is extra sensitive to light? He didn’t do that in his previous roles in gubmint.

His previous roles were before the plastic surgery done on his face.

He’s channeling Clint Eastwood.

Guess he’s going for the Slavic supermodel look.

He’s old. His eyes not as good as before. No secret there.

Or maybe he’s trying for the melania look!

…his future’s so bright? :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:

Maybe he’s constipated?

He’s got a little work to do then.


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He’s the Terran Empire doppleganger.

So… no drug induced sensitivity to light?

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It might be easier to read is cue cards when he squints?

Where does this rank in the list of Really Important Issues?

Is it more important or less important than the Tan Suit, feet on the desk, or Grey Poupon on a hamburger?

Just want to get calibrated to make sure I’m up to speed on these super-heady and important topics.


…guess that depends on what the truth is.

If drug induced sensitivity to light… pretty important. We should discuss.

If playing Clint Eastwood… you can go back to sleep.

Important enough to attract your attention.


Well yes- I am always attracted to sources of unintended hilarity.

:rofl: :rofl:


As my old drill instructor used to say. “Well good.”

Yes it’s totally mysterious.

Because we all know you guys have a splendid track record of medical diagnoses via TV.


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I asked a question. Maybe you were reading a different post. I didn’t make a diagnosis.


Right? Why would anyone think that Joe doesn’t have complete command of the facts? Maybe because he needs to take two months to prepare for a single presser? And then is only allowed to call on his supporters for questions? Then there’s this. Nothing to see here. Move along. :roll_eyes:

I noticed the excessive squinting.

His speaking sounds weak and breathless…almost at a whisper level most of the time.

The markets seem to be doing well so for now I can live with it.

Shame that so many kids are being used to surge the border and prolong Covid fears… can’t ignore that.