Biden's rope-a-dope vs. Trump

Looks like it’s working so far. What do you think ?

The average of the national polls in 2016 had Trump behind Hillary by 3.2 points.

So, as you can see, the average of the 2016 national polls was only off by 1.1 points. That’s what you call some damn fine polling, and right now those very same damn fine polls have Trump losing to Joe Biden by 9.2 points.

And these polls were all taken before the president stupidly tweeted out video of an idiot yelling “White Power!”

Well, that’s another huge mistake Trump’s making — managing expectations… From “one million are going to show up in Tulsa” to “Biden is barely functional.”

Instead of laying the groundwork for the debates by reminding the public that Biden is a skilled politician and very good debater (as he proved during the primary, including his one-on-one with Bernie), Trump has practically guaranteed that Biden walks out of the debate a winner if he manages to not fall to the ground and start sucking his thumb.

Trump’s re-election campaign is in very serious trouble right now, and he does not have until November or even October to turn it around. Mail-in and absentee voting starts in about ten weeks, which means he needs to turn it around yesterday.

I just read that article and it makes some solid points.

Trump is capable of putting it all together.

Will he?

We shall find out.

I especially liked the comment about lowering debate expectations by calling Biden incoherent so all Biden needs to do is come across as coherent to win. Not sure he can…still a very good point.

Give Biden a chance to sniff some fresh air first. He’ll have to talk about how much kids love rubbing his harry legs in the pool soon enough. lol

Biden is a Dope. That part of the title is correct.

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Biden is probably smarter and sharper than most people realize, he just acts goofy and from time to me says stupid stuff.

That said… I’m still predicting Trump will pull it out :man_shrugging:

:joy_cat: The Donald has even lost Breitbart.

Without having read the article, my question is does Biden have to? Right now it seems a viable strategy to lay low and avoid as many missteps as possible while Donald stumbles about onto one landmine after another with various crises raging around him. The latest was the re-tweet of the supporter from “The Villages” retirement community in Florida. The reports are that his staff scrambled to contact Donald to remove the re-tweet but it remained up for three hours because he was not available.

Which underscores the thought that there isn’t a whole lot Biden can do in terms of campaign strategy that would be more effective beyond standing back and let Trump do what Trump does best.

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He still needs to pick a VP which could be a turning point.

The VP might not follow the same strategy that has worked for Hidin’ Biden.

Trump has miscalculated. Resuming the rallies was a fantastic idea…Just have them outside. I can’t understand why they are holding them indoors. Critics have had a field day with it. Outdoors they have less risk that the protests and or riots which they can remind the critics of when questioned.

Without discounting the very real possibility of Trump being re-elected, what has you predicting this? Just curious where you see advantages for him in this current climate.

Defund the police isn’t a politically savvy move.

Agree that the VP pick with be critical for Biden, and likewise agree that if Donald is going to have a chance he needs to get back to the nonstop rallies. Holding them outdoors seems a perfectly viable strategy - I wonder why his team isn’t doing it.

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Eventually. :wink:

I just heard him speaking on teh way home. Was listening on fox. Not sure where he was speaking.

Sounded very coherent and on message. I was actually surprised at how strong he sounded.

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Sure, but right now Donald is doing all the heavy lifting damaging his own re-election campaign. Why get in his way?

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It’s all over.

All hail president gropey joe!!

trump in a landslide.

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My thoughts? (Not in particular order)

  1. I would think the SS might have strong input against outside v. inside venues. Interiors are easier to control an outside venure adds more variables to the equation.

  2. Weather does not have to be a factor for inside venues, without outside venues you can have weeks of planning ruined at the last minute by a change in the weather.
    .WW, PHS

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Indeed. However, the idea has been floated of having them in airplane hangars, which would give cover from the weather, and still allow the outside aspects of protection. My reading has shown that Trump has largely opposed this because these venues are not large enough and he wants a show of attendance. My assumption is because of his ego.

Precisely. And Biden’s handlers know that. Biden knows enough to listen to his handlers.

That should be an acceptable option.

Trump will need to adapt on this or perhaps politically perish to the gnome in the basement.

Trump does not seem capable of adapting.