Biden's history of anti-busing explained

Vox has a great article on Biden and his history of opposing busing in America.

I know some of you are afraid to read the article, because it’s by a liberal publication, but it is extremely well-researched and carefully explained.

Here’s basically Vox’s explanation: Joe Biden doesn’t believe in “busing”, as in implementing a school quota system, and forcing – by federal mandate – white children to attend black schools and black children to attend white schools.

What I learned from the article that this has ALWAYS been his belief: Busing is a misguided policy and the government should be focused on improving failing schools.

He ONLY supports busing in cases where there’s clear evidence (at least in his mind) of racial discrimination.

What do you guys think about this? Will it hurt him among black voters? Was he right to oppose mandatory busing by the Federal government?

Yes. He was absolutely right.

It was a misguided attempted at social reconstruction.

Political and legal integration is quick and relatively painless. Social integration is much harder and takes a long time. America still has segregated communities and segregated churches.

That money would have been better spent funding black majority schools.

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I think bussing is stupid. Or to put as the democrats did at the debate “creo que el transporte es estúpido”.

His explanation, which is commendable, will be brushed over or extracted by the right, who will extract what they want for their low information fans and not bother with the rest.

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And here’s what the current POTUS has to say :

This isn’t a joke.

In my home Commonwealth of Virginia after the Brown v Board decision, Prince Edward County closed it’s schools instead of integrating.

They then used public funds to set up “private” schools for white children while denying that same access to black children. Basically denying a public education to several graduating classes of black kids.

The part of Virginia where I grew up went with busing… and that includes the very contentious Busing program in Norfolk.

So while there are certainly real criticisms of Busing… please let us not devolve into some liberal/conservative false paradigm because the situation they were attempting to fix was supremely ■■■■■■ up, unfair, and met with spectacular resistance from the opposition.

As long as that is acknowledged, then maybe a real conversation around the issue can be had.

That includes Biden’s remarks.

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Prince William county in Virginia closed all public schools and funneled public funds to open private schools for white kids only.

There was never going to be “Separate but Equal” because it wasn’t equality that the established power structure wanted.

They loved the hell out of the first part though.


Jesus the man is an idiot


Biden is an embarrassment.

Trump beats Biden by a mile. He thinks busing is about transportation.

He passes the lowest bar imaginable.

in 48 hours, Trump has sucked up to 3 murderous dictators. Pathetic.


And? I’m not a fan. I’m a little confused. I feel like I might be misunderstanding your point.

My point is that Trump is really stupid.

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What will probably be my sole post on this subject. :smile:

Biden is correct. I do believe the courts were far too aggressive with their use of busing.

In any event, should Biden win the Democratic nomination, this who issue will have absolutely ZERO effect on my vote in a general Presidential election. Won’t even be on the radar.


He is.

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I absolutely can’t stand Biden. He looks and acts old, he’s stuck in the 70’s and he’s not POTUS material. I hope he’s not the nominee because I’ll have to hold a plastic bag over my head to cast my vote for him.

Back to bussing it was the primary solution for the Brown vs Board of Ed ruling and cases that followed. For the most part mandatory bussing gave school districts the incentive to develop successful voluntary bussing programs. Of course the majority of opposition came from white parents who offered no solutions except status quo.

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Agreed… the idea that it should have been left to localities in all cases is really dismissing the realities of history.

It was a ■■■■■■ solution to a ■■■■■■ problem but the opposition was in a lot of ways proposing even worse solutions.

Welcome back.

What an absolute ■■■■■■■ idiotic. His supporters have to be just as stupid to continue support this moron without question. By all means support him but hold him accountable for his idiotic comments.

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