Biden's acceptance speech exceeds all expectations

Biden’s acceptance speech was unexpectedly clear of his typical slurs and other speaking problems, which raises questions about whether it was really a live speech. From the video that I saw, Biden gave the speech by himself remotely; other than his wife and the camera crew, the audience was all virtual.

Other than the “LIVE” in the corner of the screen, is there any evidence that the video was really shot live?

If it was prerecorded, how many tries did it take to get the final version?

In the era of deep fakes, seamlessly editing video clips together to appear as one take is certainly possible so it the video would not have be the result of a single 20-minute shot.

Rush Limbaugh made similar comments:

“Now, the assumption I think that everybody had going in, was that he was live,” Limbaugh told listeners. But, he added, “Some people are of the opinion that it had to be taped—and that it had to be taped in segments. And the segments had to be edited together.” Because, as “some people” think, Biden is “not capable of 22 minutes, even reading a prompter, with no screw-ups.”

“This is the prevailing theory,” Limbaugh added, claiming to know some “professional video people” who are currently studying the tape. “They’re trying to find out if it was taped or live, based on the premise that there isn’t any evidence that Joe Biden has the ability to go 22 minutes, even on a prompter, without making a mistake, without some kind of a flub.”

And the Babylon Bee ran some satirical comments on Biden’s acceptance speech:

I did note one or two minor flubs, were they kept in to provide the illusion of realism?

If the speech was really live, then why was there no evidence of a studio audience?

Was this speech the first appearance of “Virtual Joe”?

Do you think Biden was reading off a teleprompter?

And the conspiracy theories start.


Sure. But he has problems even remembering where he is.

If the video was really live, his handlers must really practiced with him and got his meds tweaked just right.

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i would be shocked if this speech were really live

I heard him stutter four or five times during the speech. Soooo

soooo even if prerecorded he can still stutter?

Lol Rush. :rofl:

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Almost like betting the farm on that dementia angle was a poor ■■■■■■■ choice, huh? You actually lowered the bar for him. And he came out swinging with a pretty great speech, but y’all made him look like FDR after months of claiming he can’t even finish a sentence.

Who could have had the foresight to see this backfiring.


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So the editors were smart enough to leave a couple of stutters in to allow the “live” video to pass a laugh test?

The fear, the desperation, the panic is setting in.


Is it even possible to give a bad acceptance speech? You get the best speech writers and then teleprompter it. Recording it is even better.
People who believe Trump rambles will likely be amazed by the great speech he will give next week…same thing.

You know Trump has to give a significantly better speech than Biden’s next week or this whole line of attack is toast for the next two and a half months, right? The attack y’all bet the farm on?

And he has to do it when he very clearly doesn’t rehearse his speeches or even read them before he goes out.

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^ Someone who doesn’t do public speaking.


How many people will have listened to either speech…Biden or Trump?

whoa take it easy there tommy…

it’s not people with functioning eyes making biden look senile, he does that himself

this is the media now claiming he’s demosthenes because he made it through a speech

be honest. we both know the games that media go through to keep someone from looking bad on mother TV (except trump, of course)

Passing off a prerecorded and pre-edited video as live to conceal the real problems of a presidential candidate would not be a serious issue?

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Joe Biden being replaced by 32 ears of corn would not be a serious issue?

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Outside of joint addresses to Congress in an emergency, there are only four speeches that normal apolitical Americans actually watch: SOTUs, the two convention acceptance speeches and the election night victory speech. Not even the inaugural address.