Biden Worried His Kids Would Be in a "Racial Jungle" Because of Busing

How is this not racist??

"Unless we do something about this, my children are going to grow up in a jungle, the jungle being a racial jungle with tensions having built so high that it is going to explode at some point,” Biden said shortly after making a plea for “orderly integration.”

And remember, it took biden 31 years after this comment to find the first “clean and articulate” black man.

Between the segregationist biden and all of the slave-owning descendants, I’m not sure how the dimocrats are going to choose a candidate. Not to mention the fake Indian.

That’s strange the quote doesn’t say “because of busing”. Wait you want us to see what’s implied because of context right?


Now that Trump has done his Charlottesville thing (and the other stuff) we’re gonna see major Trump supporters on the offensive from here to the election.

This should be expected.

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Well then - this makes Donald’s racism completely acceptable.

MAGA on! :us:


Biden was right. And history proved him out. Busing built some bad tensions, “… with tensions having built so high that it is going to explode at some point…”

LOL at conservatives worrying about what candidates say…

Trump said a bunch of racist stuff YESTERDAY. Next?


This story from the '70s is literally older than I am.

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LOL, it’s actually pretty crazy that he said that. I still don’t think it’ll derail him . People just love Uncle Joe.


He said that over 50 years ago.

You wouldn’t have said it was crazy in 1977.

I hate to be “that” guy but this was 42 years ago, not 50 :slight_smile:

Probably true though, still the woke social justice warriors love to latch on to these soundbites, age nonwithstanding.

I don’t think Biden is a bad guy. Far from it. But these are the types of issues you are going to run into when you have a young, passionate base looking at front runners that are in their mid 70s with histories of saying/doing things that simply don’t fly today.

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Let us remember, Barack Obama’s position on same sex marriage of just a decade ago would be considered unwoke and homophobic, and possibly hateful/bigoted/ by the SJWs today.

It wasn’t right back then either.

Well, ten years from now things that we say today may be considered bigoted too , just sayin :wink:

Evolving standards and all.

On this topic I must HIGHLY recommend the new Aziz Special on Netflix.

Ten years from now we only have 2 years left anyway huh? :wink:

Loved him on Parks & Rec; but on his own …so so

Well, we had a good run :wink:

That’s true. I can’t complain.:+1::smile:

Check it out.