Biden was lying about the border all along and now finally admits it

That’s incorrect.

(Sec. 115) This section prohibits DHS from (1) processing the entry of non-U.S. nationals (aliens under federal law) arriving in between ports of entry; (2) providing funds to nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) that facilitate or encourage unlawful activity; or (3) providing funds to NGOs that provide certain services, such as lodging or immigration legal services, to inadmissible non-U.S. nationals who enter the United States.

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Just ignore these guys.


Latest CBS News poll showed 62% responded that every person illegally in the US should be deported. CBS news reporter commented “do people really know what this would mean?”

They do.


Governor Abbott on the new Biden executive order:

“There’s no slowing down of people crossing the border. In fact, it’s just accelerating. This is gaslighting our fellow Americans. When Biden gets up and says, ‘This is going to stop people from coming across the border,’ when he says, ‘It’s going to secure the border,’ in fact, it is making illegal border crossings worse,” he continued.“