Biden to ban Natural Gas Stoves


They aren’t. You guys are making all the noise.

Raw supposition

Do these politicians not think things through? Who was that clown for a Mayor in NYC that wanted to ban soft drinks over 16 Oz? Does that make any sense? Can you imagine what someone might do if they wanted more than 16 oz?

Not ban related, but when I was in my late teens, and couldn’t gain a pound no matter what I did, I used to get two large fries with my order at McDonalds. Why two? Because one wasn’t enough.

About 2 years ago we bought a new washer and dryer. The washer is fine. The dryer needs to be run twice. Now people will have to run the washer twice. The article suggested that people wanted this anyway. If they do, you don’t need a law.

So, now the administration is going to ban gas stoves through through regulations:

The Department of Energy is conducting this gas stove grab through a rule that would impose extreme energy performance standards on residential cooktops. The department’s proposed rule sets requirements for gas cooktops at the maximum technologically feasible or “max-tech” level. Based on the Department of Energy’s own analysis, gas cooktops at the max-tech level represent just 4% of current market share and exclude all conventional free-stand ranges.

Any rule that causes 96% of the products available today to be eliminated from the market is an extreme regulation. In fact, it is essentially an outright ban on gas stoves

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Again, they’re full of ■■■■■

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What are you talking about? I have NEVER told anyone they couldn’t use their gas stove.

My stove is hard to clean and emits too much heat in the summer. I’d get an induction stove, but I’d have to hire an electrician to rewire the power panel and pull in 220v plug. Not in the budget, since I just spent $8K burying my mom 3 months ago. But thanks for your concern.

No…just bitched and whine about people on the right making a big deal.

When libs want to ban stuff…that is a big deal.

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