Biden:The President incites violence, inspires white-supremacist shooters

Once again Team Biden is going with a false narrative that Trump admin is inciteing violence, inspires white-supremacist shooters!.

And when the majority of the covid deaths had being happening in New York State and NJ, New York is the largest state in America right with the largest Covid deaths when it started. 200+ Cases. With 30k+ Deaths toping the 100k+ Death tolls



The President incites violence, inspires white-supremacist shooters, and his failed COVID response is costing thousands of lives per day. When you look at the world right now, ask yourself: Do you feel safe in Trump’s America?

Biden seems to have focus one thing on his mind Charlottesville but the democrats ignore the far left radicals like antifa and BLM who had being threatening ordinary people in a restaurant.

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“Good people on both sides”


“Take him seriously, not literally.”


I guess we’re finally to the point that dimocrats agree that *bama is responsible for blm killing cops.


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Trump: Vote for me because I am the only person who can save America from Trump’s America.


That’s only during breaks from rioting, looting, beating, and killing. :roll_eyes:

It’s important that they have their priorities straight. :crazy_face:

Well that’s true of course. :wink:

This is the source material in the OP link. It’s not wrong. At all.


If I remember correctly, there was an email from the Podesta dump that talked about President Trump’s outreach to the black community and what they should do about it.


I missed that but it sounds like Podesta was worried about it politically.

And this is why Trump became President in the first place.

That’s so 2017, and pretty telling that Charlottesville is the best a white supremacist group can pull off in modern day U.S. One and done and they’re out. They are truly amateurs compared to the levels of violence and property damage Antifa has pulled off way before 2017 and still going strong.

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Biden and Democrats talking about the violence under Trump is just another way of saying return power to us and we will stop burning American cities and telling the Feds to get out and let them burn.


Friendly reminder:


When you have nothing, play the race card. What’s funny though, is there are some who still listen to this garbage and then repeat it. Eat…regurgibleet…repeat the next day. The question everyone should ask themselves, are you being sheoplized?

Hello, my name is Donald Trump. Vote for me because I’m the only one who can fix the violence that has been happening under my watch.

[Reporter asks him why he hasn’t fixed it]

Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for coming out today. This press conference is now over.


Do you not know that answer? Let’s say the President did? It may fix that problem but it would exacerbate a larger one. This violence must be dealt with on a local and state basis. If it can’t, then the Governor of that state needs to make the invitation to Trump for help. The problem must be addressed in a united fashion by all levels of government…on both sides of the aisle.

And given the polarized nature of politics right now, what do you think the chances of that happening are - regardless of who wins the election?